GOP Senator Mike Braun is Openly Shilling Black Lives Matter, Can’t Explain Why

Senator Mike Braun of Indiana is a Republican and he is openly shilling Black Lives Matter. He has introduced a bill to fight the cops, making it easier for them to be prosecuted, saying he is doing it because he was so sad about Rayshard Brooks getting shot after he tried to tase the cops.

He appeared this week on the Tucker Carlson show and Tucker pressed him. He was unable to explain why he supports BLM and why it is he thinks the cops need to suffer. This is after he asked to go on the show to explain himself.

This Mike Braun is an extreme character, and it is shocking that he is in the Senate. If we had any organization at all – literally, just anything – we could successfully primary him with literally anyone. But his position isn’t that far out from that of Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy, both of whom are refusing to do anything at all to stop these vicious blacks and their white female allies tearing up the civilization that white men – their voters – built.

To be honest, I don’t really understand what is going on here. I am fully aware that the Republicans are shills, but obviously, they shill for specific issues and will in general be okay on the black issue. I am legitimately incapable of understanding what their agenda is here.

Honestly, it looks like some kind of a conspiracy. Like someone took these people in a room, and said, “look, guy – you’re going to have to go along with this, or we’ll drop your Pizzagate file.” But although it looks like that, I don’t think that’s what’s happening. I think what’s happening is that they’ve backed themselves into an ideological corner where they just simply can’t defend their own voters anymore.

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What the GOP and the Republican media establishment has done is accept the premise that “racism” is pure evil, and that it should be universally opposed. This is a completely faulty premise, but they were bullied into accepting it by the Jews. If you went back to the 90s and especially the 80s, you’d find Republicans pretty regularly speaking out against black crime and the problems created by various immigrant groups. But William F. Buckley brought all of these Jews into the conservative movement, and they pushed the idea that the left is right about racism, and everything instead has to be about “ideology.”

“Colorblindness” was introduced as a part of the ideology, accepting the premise of blacks being biologically similar to whites and holding that if you could just convince them to join the ideology, you would then be able to live peacefully with them and they would help you with your society instead of acting like ridiculous savages. Part of the plan is that you first have to convince them you’re not a racist.

That famous tweet by the “conservative Jew” Ben Shapiro pretty much sums the whole thing up.

The core of the ideology is something about small governments.

I’m of course against big governments, but I’m against big governments because big governments tend to almost always create negative outcomes. The American system of “limited government” has previously created positive outcomes. However, in the 21st century, a much bigger issue than big government is monopoly corporate power which acts without government oversight. Apparently, an ideology committed to small government is incapable of dealing with that problem.

The ideology of the conservative movement has failed on the most basic principle of defending freedom of speech on the internet, because their ideology is that private companies can do whatever they want to you because of the free market or some gibberish. Some ideological gibberish.

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This Jewish trick that race doesn’t matter and what matters is this vague and shifting ideology means that conservatives do not possess the ability to address anything at all that touches on race. They have spent so very much personal energy and political capital attempting to convince people that they are not racist that to put themselves in a position where they can be called racists – for disagreeing with a race revolution – is simply too much for them.

They went all in on this idea of colorblind ideology as the path to a peace-riddled liberal society, the idea that if race didn’t exist black people would stop acting black, and now they are checking their box of ideological tools and not finding anything to respond to a black racial uprising. Because for their plan to succeed, they have to convince everyone that they’re not racists – and then, all of a sudden, BOOM – black people act like normal humans.

The GOP did nothing to stop the Jews from railroading Steve King for allegedly saying that “Western Civilization” shouldn’t have the same negative connotations as “white supremacy.” In fact, Kevin McCarthy supported it, and piled on. Because this is all a trap – a box, where you take all of these various paths according to the ideology, and eventually, you have no way out.

Because technically, their ideology is that blacks shouldn’t be rising up along racial lines. But the part where they have to avoid being called racists in order to convince the blacks to act like people takes primacy over their ability to disagree with a black uprising.

Understand: there is no such thing as a “right-wing ideology.” Ideology is a leftist concept, invented by the Jew Karl Marx. This idea of “we can use a system” appeals to white people, but it just doesn’t work. Instead, you should have an ideal vision of the future, and use practical means to work toward that future. That’s all. Systemizing actions based on a theoretical invisible structure of ideas always necessarily leads to a discombobulated kind of mission creep, where you lose sight of what you’re even trying to accomplish.

The American nation was started as a continuation of European civilization. That’s why a bunch of British guys were obsessed with Greek architecture.

That’s what Republicans should be doing: Western civilization. They should not be doing whatever this ideological thing is, which I honestly do not even fully understand. They will say “small government” is at the core of it, but that isn’t an end in itself. When deconstructed, the ideology appears to have the singular goal of delivering cheaper consumer products.

As a practical fact of life, blackness is incompatible with Western civilization. It’s also probably incompatible with delivering cheaper consumer products. We should be trying to reduce blackness, not enlarge it.