GOP Convention Day 3: LIVE LIVE LIVE

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2016


The big deal yesterday was that Trump officially received the nomination.

Chris Christie gave a good speech, calling for Clinton to be arrested.

He’s a high energy guy.

Ben Carson’s speech wasn’t even bad.

He talked about Hillary Clinton being a devout follower of the kike Saul Alinsky. Though he didn’t say “kike,” which would have been cool. He’s a “we wuz kangs” ancient Negro Egypt believer, so I’m sure he hates Jews.

After having rushed the stage on Sunday (and for whatever reason not gotten arrested), Irish Catholic Stephen Colbert is back in the RNC news cycle for having brought back his popular alter ego to do an anti-Trump bit with the Jew Jon Liebowitz.

I don’t know why that’s in the news.

I guess because they don’t have anything else to talk about.

They are still talking about Melania’s alleged “plagiarism” of the monkey Michelle’s speech.

The protesters aren’t really getting much coverage, and have thus far not rioted. They are still acting like animals though.

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There were a few scenes outside yesterday.

More than 500 people and hundreds of police officers collided after demonstrators got into a shoving match after racial epithets were yelled during protests in Public Square on the second day of the Republican National Convention.

Bystanders are chanting, “Nazi scum, off our streets.” 

See, everyone who disagrees gets called a Nazi.

Even Trump supporters.

So you might as well go full-Nazi, as you literally have nothing to lose.

There is a presence of Black Lives Matters protesters along with several fundamentalist religious groups. The bulk of the protesters have moved down Euclid Avenue. A small collection of protesters remains at Public Square.

The demonstrators moved up to Superior Avenue near East 6th Street where police closed down the street and would not let them pass. Several protestors yelled at the officers and called them “pigs.”

A group stopped at Euclid Avenue and 9th Street about 6:15 p.m.

Here are some details from what happened as things got heated in Public Square:

Officers said over a police scanner that some demonstrators are throwing urine. 

Tension mounted as the Westboro Baptist Church demonstrated briefly then marched down Euclid Avenue. The hate-group returned to Public Square as the crowd began to swell and protesters began to clash.

WBC is the hate group, while it is leftists that are literally throwing bags of urine.

Interesting, no?

A man with a megaphone is telling BLM protesters that Michael X. Johnson, the sniper who killed five Dallas police officers at a protest about police-involved killings, is the leader of their movement. The protesters countered him by chanting: “Love trumps hate.”

On the inside, the whole thing is very White.

It’s deeply refreshing.

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Richard Spencer showed up and argued with people.

He came across well, except when he apologized to the Black antifa monkey for publishing that article about exterminating Blacks. He should have been like “why would you not exterminate the Blacks?” That would put the harasser on the defensive, see? Look at how he just keep pushing the issue after Spencer apologized. If he would have thrown it back at the Black, asking him to defend the existence of Black people (something which is becoming increasingly difficult by the hour), the issue would have been dropped.

But overall, he handled himself well, I think.

This is the guy he was being harassed by:


The most exciting thing yesterday by far was when Alex Jones attempted to incite an anti-Black riot and was attacked and dragged to the ground by an antifa mob.


And now, on to today’s event.


Official RNC:




Yesterday’s thread had well over 2000 comments, making it as popular as the threads during the good old days of the primaries.

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DS live threads are an action-oriented place, filled with Action Men.

These are happy days.

Hail Victory.