GOP Convention Day 2: LIVE LIVE LIVE

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2016

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Republican National Convention: Day One

Back again for Day 2 of the GOP Convention also known as THE CORONATION OF THE GOD EMPEROR.

No serious riots happened yesterday, apparently. No one got shot.

The biggest story in the filthy kike media has been a few lines from Melania’s speech which these Jews claim she stole from monkey Michelle.

It is absolutely sickening the way these Christ-killing monsters go after this woman, demonstrating their hatred for the beauty of the Aryan woman.

The #NeverTrump coup was officially crushed, and Trump didn’t even have to take off in a plane and do an interview over FaceTime.

pepe coup

Rudy Giuliani’s speech was also celebrated because he started yelling. Rick Perry did an interview and said he wanted to be Trump’s Secretary of Defense. They are also attacking Trump for calling into a show while a speaker was speaking, saying he was competing with himself – in actual fact, he was just keeping all bases covered.

Oh, and Matt Heimbach was ambushed on the street by Gawker.


The #NeverTrump coup was officially crushed, and Trump didn’t even have to take off in a plane and do an interview over FaceTime.

Overall, nothing especially important happened yesterday.

Yesterday’s theme was “make America safe again,” and today’s theme is “make America work again.”

The show starts at 5:30 EST and speakers include: Tiffany Trump; Kerry Woolard, general manager of Trump Winery; Donald Trump Jr.; Dr. Ben Carson; US Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV); Kimberlin Brown, soap opera actress.

Here are the YouTube streams:

Official RNC:



Red Ice did an on-the-street stream yesterday which was great. Their stream for today isn’t up yet. Nor is the Fox 10 stream, which yesterday was better than the official RNC stream (in my opinion).


You know the drill with the Live Thread.

It functions as both a chatroom and a place to post updates.

It’s a fun time.


Regrettably, our email server is apparently fubar, so you probably won’t be able to register a new account on the bbs if you don’t have one yet. But you can read it, and get all the latest facts in real time (it’s linked below the article).


Looking Good

It’s looking like after this convention, the internal enemies of Trump will be crushed entirely, and we will be able to focus on the external enemy that is Hillary Clinton and the Jew-communist Democrat party.

That is the purpose of the convention, and it’s going well so far. #NeverTrump was crushed on the first day.

It’s looking very good.


Hail Victory.