GOP Congressman Planned One-Man Invasion of Afghanistan to Rescue Interpreters

Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin. Nigga’s name is “Markwayne.” Like as in, “Markwayne, you ain’t posta done be did like dat.” (“You were not supposed to do that.”)

I think probably these Republicans and their obsession with these interpreters is a lot more embarrassing to America than the entire surrender itself.

It’s definitely more embarrassing to me as an American, for a lot of kind of complicated reasons.

By the way – they keep saying “Americans” as if they are actual Americans, but we’ve not seen a single photograph of an American who is “trapped in Afghanistan,” nor do we even know what “trapped in Afghanistan” means (no one is claiming they are being detained, they just couldn’t leave at the airport because the US military told all those migrants to go there).

If there were actual Americans “trying to get out,” they could just go on Skype and do interviews with CNN or whatever. They’re not doing that, because they don’t exist. Any “Americans” are either:

  • Not “trapped” in any sense and are either just waiting to see how things go or are taking their time to get out
  • Among the fabled “interpreters” who were issued American passports at the US embassy for Outstanding Service to Anus and now either like the actual Americans don’t care to leave, or
  • “Interpreters” with US passports who fear they’re going to get killed because the Taliban has their biometrics and has a record of everything they did for ZOG

There is no “rescue mission,” unless you can find the second kind of “interpreter.”

These Republicans are talking about rescuing occupation collaborators like they’re Vietnam POWs.

This is some kind of serious mental breakdown on a society-wide scale.

This “Congressman Rambo” was talking about a “female American citizen” with four children.

There are no white women with four children really outside of Amish country, and certainly a white woman wouldn’t be living with four kids in Afghanistan.

This guy was trying to rescue a “good haji.”


A Republican congressman who railed against the Biden administration’s Kabul evacuation has reportedly traveled to Georgia (the country) as part of an unauthorized operation to extract Americans still stranded in Afghanistan.

The daring rescue mission, which reads like a script for a corn-fed Hollywood action film, was first reported by Тhe Washington Post. According to the paper, Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin rang up the US ambassador to Tajikistan on Monday with an urgent and highly unusual request: he was planning to fly from Tbilisi, Georgia, to Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, in the next few hours, and needed help safely transporting a large amount of cash across the border. The GOP lawmaker explained that he would then take a helicopter into Afghanistan as part of a self-initiated mission to rescue five American citizens – a woman and her four children – who were trying to get out of the country.

Embassy staff in Dushanbe reportedly rejected the request, saying that they were unwilling to help the congressman bypass Tajikistan’s laws restricting the movement of cash, particularly since his final destination would be Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

According to officials familiar with the matter, Mullin was outraged by the decision and used threatening language directed at Washington’s envoy to Tajikistan, John Mark Pommersheim.

Mullin’s current whereabouts remain unknown, but his office released a statement that he was “safe” and that the lawmaker would “continue to do anything… to bring home all Americans from the war zone.”

The State Department declined to comment on Mullin’s one-man mission or his interactions with the US embassy in Tajikistan. The White House also refused to comment but pointed to a government bulletin urging American citizens against traveling to Afghanistan.

Markwayne issued a Billy Badass statement.

I guess even now, men still want to see themselves as heroic in some way, and that natural urge just gets jammed into this surreal and deranged society we live in.

(Hello, deep thoughts department?)

Or maybe he’s just a sharp guy who was gunning for a book deal or an American Sniper style film about his mission.

American Sniper was a great film, by the way, and I would say basically the best thing to come out of these wars. There were so many good WWII films and Vietnam films but with these wars it was literally one film.

Really great though.

Clint Eastwood still makes fascist films.

Glenn Beck is doing some kind of thing with interpreters.

A reader wrote:

Some of you may have seen this on Tucker Carlson. It’s Glenn Beck held up in a “secret location” discussing his organization the Nazarene Fund which is rescuing Afghan Christian. He claims he’s rescued 5,100 Afghanis who are part of an underground church. Beck is a Mormon, but drops the name Kenneth Copeland (the infamous prosperity preacher) being kind enough to allow him to use one of his private jets. Glenn claims there is an anti-Christian bias in the state department, but refuses to name the Jew as he has gone all in on “Blessing” Israel. This smells like a grift to me, as a nation as thoroughly Muslim would have that many Christians. Check it out.

I have no idea why Tucker lets this guy on.

I guess I sort of do. He was kind of heavily censored for edging up on a bunch of Jew stuff (cultural Marxism, Frankfurt School, George Soros – basic stuff but stuff that is true Jew news). And I guess he feels bad for the guy. There are also probably Fox News viewers who remember Beck and appreciate seeing him on TV.

I think it would be funnier if he had Bill O’Reilly on though.

In fact, he should take the place of that horrible vapid supposed intellectual.

What is that guy’s name? He has three names and used to write for National Review or some bullshit. He talks like he’s recovering from a head injury.

I can’t stand that guy.