Google Using SPLC Data to Create AI Comment Censorship System

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2019

The SPLC might be off the front lines of the Jewish war on freedom, but they’re still in the game, shutting down the goyim.

And the kikes at the companies they’ve always worked with aren’t bothered by their recent public relations troubles – the revelation that the entire Jewish office environment was about abusing the blacks and molesting the women.

Daily Caller:

Jigsaw, the Alphabet subsidiary that began as the Google Ideas think tank, has been utilizing Southern Poverty Law Center datasets in the development of their Perspective API, a comment moderation engine, documents shared with The Daily Caller indicate.

Three sets of comments from Breitbart, The Daily Stormer and Stormfront were provided to Jigsaw by the SPLC and have been identified both in internal company memos and code for the API. The latter two are neo-Nazi websites.

It’s NEON-Nazi, pal.


These datasets were provided in raw form to Jigsaw, meaning that the embattled Montgomery nonprofit is assisting the development of a Google comment moderation product intended to be applied across a wide swath of the media. It also represents confirmation that the SPLC has been scraping wholesale the content of far-right websites.

The SPLC has scraped more than my content, let me tell you what.

The Perspective API is “part of the Conversation AI research effort that aims to help increase empathy, participation and quality in online conversation at scale,” according to its Github description, and was originally known as the Respect Engine within the company. This new moderation product scores comments based on “toxicity,” meaning a comment containing expressive language or ad-hominem attacks would get a higher score than reasonable disagreement.

Among the partners working to apply the Perspective API are the New York Times, Wikimedia Foundation, The Economist, and The Guardian.

The CEO of Jigsaw is Jared Cohen, an adjunct fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, who worked in the State Department during the Bush and Obama administrations, for Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton. Cohen, who claims to speak Swahili, was implicated in fomenting regime change across the Arab world in the Stratfor leaks released by Wikileaks. In Cohen’s CFR bio he boasts that his book co-authored with Eric Schmidt, The Digital Disruption: Connectivity and the Diffusion of Power “appeared in Foreign Affairs just a few months before the Arab Spring.”

“Jigsaw is an Alphabet company that builds technology to make the world safer. As part of our work, we collaborate with organizations such as news organizations, non-profits and academic institutions to share knowledge and test the usability of our technology,” a spokesperson from Jigsaw told The Daily Caller. They declined to answer a follow-up question about whether the SPLC was one of those non-profits they collaborate with.

Mark my words: they’re going to use this for YouTube. I can pretty well guarantee you. YouTube is the last place where you can just say whatever the hell you want, because no one reports comments on YouTube because everyone is just passing through and there aren’t account pages for people to inspect and get angry about.

So they need a technology to stop these goyim. And probably, they won’t delete the comments, at least at first – they will downrank them in a way where they don’t appear at the top of the comments section, which is the only part of the comments section that anyone reads. YouTube comments are a big concern for the Jews right now. Because wherever there is still any form of freedom at all, Jews are concerned.

I am so sick of the Jews, guys.

It is just simply exhausting being fed on by these creatures.