Google Ups the Ante, Blocks Ads on Entire Search Terms on YouTube

This is an entirely new kind of censorship. Just for anyone keeping track.


Google has updated its YouTube ad targeting terms after a media report revealed that people could search for phrases allegedly associated with white supremacy.

An investigation by the Markup found that advertisers could find relevant videos for their ads by using terms like “white lives matter,” “all lives matter” and “white power.” Citing the Southern Poverty Law Center, the outlet noted that some of these phrases are popular with white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. Anyone interested in using the term “white power” to place an ad would be able to choose among 100 million YouTube videos and channels linked to the phrase, the Markup discovered.

At the same time, social justice terms such as “Black Lives Matter” and “black power” returned no results.

Google reportedly didn’t dispute any of the Markup’s findings when contacted by the outlet. However, after reviewing the matter, the company scrubbed the offensive terms from its ad targeting system.

“We fully acknowledge that the terms identified are offensive and harmful and should not have been searchable. Our teams have addressed the issue and blocked terms that violate our enforcement policies,” Google later told the Verge when asked for comment.

I had never even thought of blocking search terms. But this will no doubt move quickly from YouTube to the main Google search.

It won’t be long before they just outright block the ability for users to search for these terms.

Then, they will start sending cops to your house if you search for a banned term, like they sent cops to the house of that guy who critiqued AOC.

Here’s the Grayzone report on AOC sending the cops after a (presumably Jewish) anti-war activist – after Twitter sold out the guy’s IP address so the cops could track him down.

Tucker was on it.

(Tucker Carlson included a clip of AOC babbling about Jews.)

This is full Bolshevism.

Somehow, it’s combined with full corporate monopolyism.