Google Takes Bold Innovative Step into the Future – Rediscovers Feudalism

Lauritz Von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2017

Google Village, San Jose – 2017 (Colorized)

Revolutionary and progressive tech giant Google takes a great leap back to the future by accidentally implementing feudalism in its quest for improving society.

Mercury News:

A bold plan to remake downtown San Jose into a massive, transit-centered Google village with up to 20,000 new jobs passed its first public test with the City Council approval Tuesday night.

On a 10-1 vote, the Council agreed to negotiate exclusively with Google to sell 16 city-owned parcels to the search giant.

“This is a once-in-a-century opportunity” for San Jose, Kim Walesh, the city’s economic development director, told the council. “This is a dramatic opportunity to expand the downtown core westward.”

Extraordinary architecture, urban design, environmental sustainability, retail amenities, transit ridership and vibrant public spaces” would be hallmarks of the Google village, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, the vice mayor and three other City Council members wrote in a letter prepared for Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

They urged the council to approve the exclusive negotiations with Google, whose grand vision for downtown redevelopment aligns with their own. And they urged that the developer undertake an “extensive” community outreach process that would involve local residents, small businesses, faith-based groups and other organizations.”

In other words, feudalism.

Now for those of you not in the know, feudalism is a social system that existed in Europe during the Middle Ages in which people worked for nobles who gave them protection and the use of their land in return.

And in an area where democracy has failed to keep the cost of living at an affordable level amidst a bombardment of migrant workers and various H-1B refuse, that is exactly what Google is doing. By providing their employees with affordable housing, education, amenities, security, and of course, work, their revolutionary new idea takes this archaic 1.0 societal model:

And replaces it with this ultra-modern high-tech version 2.0:

This new and brave society located at the intersection of Spicville and H1-Bsburg would still maintain the overarching system of law and governance (provided they fail to bribe local officials to look the other way), as well as relying on tried and tested methods of enforcement for its new society.

Progressive HR employees would enforce compliance by strictly worded letters as well as naming and shaming over social media, or in more egregious cases turn to temporary berufsverbot (paid/unpaid leave of absence) or even excommunication (being fired).

My prediction is that with this disruptive new innovation coming onto the scene we will see more tech companies adopting Google’s bold step and improving on it, leading to societies like the Democratic Republic of EA, the Federation of Appletown, the Khanate of HP, and of course, the Cisco Confederacy.

The future never looked so progressive.