Google Rolls Out 53 Androgynous Emojis in Android Q, Including Israeli Mermaids

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 11, 2019

Some examples of the new set of emojis.

Google wants to make degenerates feel at home when using technology, and in order to achieve that, they keep putting degeneracy into technology, so that technology ends up housing degeneracy and degenerates feel housed and at home. Brilliant move.

Earlier this year, technology received the gift of race-mixing emojis.

Now degenerates also have androgynous mystery gender emojis available.

Daily Mail:

Google wants all users to feel represented in its emoji selection.

The search giant has launched 53 gender fluid emojis as part of its push to be ‘more inclusive,’ according to Fast Company.

It’ll launch in beta for some Pixel smartphone owners this week, then appear for all users of its latest mobile software, Android Q, later this year.

Google made specific design decisions with the genderless emoji.

For example, the genderless merperson has crossed arms to block its bare chest from being shown, while the vampire has a chain, instead of a bowtie, which is a traditionally male accessory.

What’s wrong with it being a traditionally male accessory? Aren’t we suppose to deconstruct the patriarchy and our preconceived notions or something like that?

They were thoughtful enough to include mermaids to represent Israel’s mermaid community, where female Jews pretend to be half-fish.

This is a great move by Google. They should keep adding emojis to represent every kind of degenerate in existence, otherwise they’d be discriminating against the ones they don’t include by leaving them unrepresented.

They could take the next step in their inclusion quest by adding emojis to represent “nullos” and “pup play” degenerates.

Making custom emojis for every group of people is something absolutely needed because, as we all know, we can only use memes and emojis that directly represent our physical appearance.

That’s why they have to include emojis representing each and every humanoid on Earth, otherwise only a select few will have the privilege of being able to use emojis.

We should demand the immediate inclusion of Omi tribe emojis to represent the Omi people.

Not including Omi emojis is a sign of bigotry that should not be allowed to stand. This is Google we’re talking about here. They shouldn’t discriminate against people of color.

I want my Omi emojis and I want them now.