Google Retiring Popular Hangouts App to Prevent People from Exposing the Evil of Jews

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2019

Google is retiring their popular Hangouts app, which featured the ability to easily livestream conversations on YouTube. Many have said that they did this to prevent people from exposing the evil nature of the Jewish race. It turns out that there is a great deal of truth in that statement.

Even though this has been known for a little while now, it is worth mentioning that Google is officially retiring their popular Hangouts app. This announcement has created a great deal of confusion among podcasters, livestreamers and anybody who generally follows the technology industry. The app allowed people to quickly and conveniently set up video and audio conferences that could be livestreamed to audiences on YouTube.

Here’s more specifics on the situation.

9 to 5 Google:

After classic Hangouts is retired for G Suite customers later this year, consumer accounts will also be transitioned to Hangouts Chat and Meet. One casualty of this shutdown is Hangouts On Air, which is “going away later this year.”

Originally a Google+ feature, Hangouts On Air was later integrated into YouTube. It allows users to easily host a multi-user video chat through Hangouts and livestream the entire conversation to YouTube.

After starting a new Hangout On Air call, users this week are being presented with a banner about the shutdown later this year. They are advised to try for “quick streaming.”

The problem is that the replacement apps being rolled out by Google do not offer the same ability to easily livestream conversations on YouTube.

For most Hangouts on Air users looking for “quick streaming,” YouTube’s first-party solution is inadequate for only supporting one camera. It is not ideal for multiple callers located in different places. The immediate YouTube alternative is setting up Live Control Room and streaming via an encoder.

Another solution is Hangouts Meet and its ability to set a video call “Public” for 100,000 in-domain watchers. At the moment, that is only available for G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education.

We’ve reached out to Google to clarify whether the 2019 shutdown of Hangouts on Air applies to both G Suite and consumer accounts. The latter group will be the hardest hit by this “going away” as there is no simple, first-party alternative that replicates the old functionality exactly.

One solution would be for Google to add multi-user streaming to YouTube, or add YouTube integration to Hangouts Meet. Without doing one or the other, this deprecation seems premature and will require YouTubers (and podcasters) to switch to a third-party app.

So why would Google retire this popular app and replace it with other apps that don’t offer one of its most popular features?

Azzmador is a popular YouTube livestreamer and radio personality.

To learn more, I reached out to Azzmador, a popular YouTube livestreamer and radio personality to get his take on the situation. Azzmador has been a longtime user of the Hangouts app and regularly used it to livestream his shows on YouTube.

“It is inexplicable that YouTube would end Hangouts, thus ending livestream shows as we know them. At least on a business level, until you consider that YouTube/Alphabet/Google is run by scheming kikes who only care about maintaining their tenuous, ever loosening grip on the globalist, anti-White narrative, which requires total control over the information and opinions going out over their services,” Azzmador stated.

As a reporter who strives to just report factual information, I was admittedly skeptical of Azzmador’s claim that Google and YouTube were run by scheming kikes. So being the investigative reporter that I am, I decided to do some research.

Much to my shock, I quickly discovered that Google and YouTube were indeed controlled by scheming kikes.

YouTube’s CEO is the scheming kike Susan Wojcicki.

Alphabet (Google’s parent company) is run by the scheming kike Larry Page.

Azzmador also accused the scheming kikes of censoring his YouTube content.

“I would watch in real time as view counts on videos would GO DOWN, and subscribers would constantly complain that they had been unsubscribed without their consent. YouTube was keeping our content in a cage,” he said.

Not to be outdone by these scheming kikes, Azzmador pledged to continue his show on Dlive, an alternative livestreaming platform that is popular with gamers and used by top YouTube personality PewDiePie.

“In my opinion, YouTube has done the world a favor this time, as their having completely shoahed this super popular feature from this platform has finally given rise to a viable YouTube alternative, at least in the realm of livestreaming, namely Dlive,” he said.

He gave the service good reviews following his first livestream on the platform.

“I have just moved our TKR Live livestreams to Dlive at, and could not be more happy with the service. We had our first stream this Wednesday night, and instantly were trending on the front page as one of the most popular streams playing. It’s amazing how popular our message is, so long as Jews aren’t controlling people’s access to it and shutting everything down,” he said.

Based on this information, it couldn’t be any more obvious why the Jews who run Google and YouTube made the decision to shut down Hangouts and its YouTube livestreaming feature. They are attempting to prevent people like Azzmador and others from livestreaming multi-user conversations that expose the evil nature of the Jewish race.

Clearly, Jews do not want non-Jews understanding how evil they are, which is why the decision was made to retire this popular app. The retirement of Hangouts is just the latest casualty in the Jewish war against free speech on the Internet. It’s why Google, YouTube and all these other big Jewish tech companies need to be immediately regulated and required to provide equal access to all people regardless of their political views.