Google Refuses to Remove Saudi Government’s Wife Managing App for Men

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2019

Remember that app that let Saudi men manage their wives as if they were characters from The Sims? After the initial outrage, people wanted Google to remove the app from the Google Play store, but Google refused.

They say the app can stay on their store.

Daily Mail:

Google is refusing to scrap a Saudi government app which lets men track and control women.

The tech giant says that software allowing men to keep tabs on women meets all of its terms and conditions.

The Absher app will remain on the Google Play store after a review found it doesn’t violate any of the firm’s rules.

That James Damore guy was fired from Google for stating there are differences between men and women because the Jews have a very specific agenda for the West, but this app that literally lets men manage their women can stay up because those men are not managing women in the West.

What this tells you is that it’s never about principles with the kikes and their leftist puppets. It’s always about their anti-white agenda, and thus what people would call hypocrisy in them is not actually hypocrisy, as they’re just being consistent with their real objective.

Their behavior starts to make sense once you understand that what they’re really after is white genocide.

Californian Democrat Jackie Speier joined 13 colleagues in Congress to demand the app be removed.

The app allows for guardians to state where women can go, for how long and which airports they’re allowed to visit in the Islamist dictatorship. 

Alerts are triggered if a woman leaves a certain area. It is one of the main reasons women have difficulty trying to flee Saudi Arabia are often caught.

Absher tips off male guardians and the fleeing women can be apprehended while still within the country.

On another page the guardian can see easily which permissions are active and change them if needed and men receive SMS alerts when women use passports.

Keep in mind Saudi women have to take their phones with them for the app to be effective. What this Absher controversy suggests is that Saudi women are too dumb to leave their phones at home or just not using their phones for the haram things they want to do.

Representative Speier and others wrote to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Apple CEO Tim Cook on February 21 demanding the app be removed from both platforms.

The politicians gave a deadline of February 28 to explain why GooglePlay hosts the app.

Deadline? What are you politicians going to do? Invent laws to force Google’s hand?

Go to war against Saudi Arabia?

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Katherine Clark joined Speier to say that Google and Apple are ‘accomplices in the oppression of Saudi Arabian women’.

If Google and Apple are accomplices in the oppression of Saudi Arabian women just for letting the Saudi Government distribute an app that doesn’t break their terms of service in their store, then everyone doing business with Saudi Arabia would be accomplices too.

They have to be realistic. There’s no way these politicians would stop a so-called private company from doing legal business in a country just because they don’t agree with the country’s laws.

Different countries have different people and different people produce different cultures, societies, and laws.

Other parts of the world, such as Saudi Arabia, have better control of their women, so it is also possible for us to have better control of our women, we just have to remove these kikes first, as they’re the ones brainwashing our women.

Once the venomous kikes are removed from America and their brainwashing apparatus is dismantled or taken over by us, we’ll brainwash our women ourselves.

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