Google Pushing Anal Sex with Men Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2017

Seriously, how long to we have to have this shoved down our throats?

Here’s their gif “doodle” today.

It’s apparently celebrating the birthday of some GRIDS-ridden faggot who loved arts and crafts.

Apparently, there is no point at which this ends.

It’s a religion.

We don’t remember what Christianity was like when it was everywhere. But if you go to a Buddhist country in Asia, you can see what it’s like to have an all encompassing religion in your society. Everything everywhere is just “BUDDHA BUDDHA BUDDHA” all day every day.

Same thing with Islam in Islamic countries. Or in Islamic areas of Europe, for that matter.

The religion and its symbols pervade every aspect of life.

That is what anal sex with men, racism, Jewish victimhood, women’s pay gap, etc. are in our countries now.

So the answer to “how long?” is either “forever” or “until someone puts a stop to it.”

If you can’t hardly take it anymore, let me tell you what – you’re not the only one.