Google Pushes Global Warming Hoax with Manipulated Search Results

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2020

The media regularly claims that the US is the number one emitter of CO2. In actual fact, China emits more than one and a half times what the US emits. If you look into the data, they are saying that the US is the biggest emitter per capita. Of course, the only reason China emits less per capita is because they still have a significant rural population that uses less energy due to logistics.

However, if you type “total co2 output by country” into Google, the results shown by the search engine begin with #2.

It isn’t until you click through to the page, on the site of The Union of Concerned Citizens, that you find that China emits 29% of the world’s CO2, while the US emits a mere 16%.

We are of course told that global warming is a white people problem, and that China cannot be obligated to do anything about this alleged problem threatening to bring about the apocalypse.

Of course, the actual fact of reality is that this is not a real problem. It is a manufactured hoax, created to bludgeon white people into accepting austerity and a global government. So the fact that China is the biggest producer of this alleged “warming gas” is irrelevant to the people pushing the doctrine of CO2 warming theory.

The fact that these people pushing the global warming concept don’t care about China and are in fact China denialists should prove to anyone paying attention that they don’t really believe what they are saying. If the world was really ending in 12 years, the primary goal of the warmers would be to stop China – not white people.