Google Promotes the Wrong Kind of Multiculturalism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 1, 2017

Yesterday, a Google doodle promoted the precisely wrong kind of multiculturalism, showing all different races together – promoting their own diverse cultures.

From left, it appears that we have: a crippled white boy, a gay white boy, an Islamic girl, a Jewish girl, a Pakistani transsexual, a Chinese (or Eskimo) Christian, a black scientist and a crippled white man.

Having done some recent soul-searching in light of the stabbing of an innocent black trash collector in New York, I am changing my tune on multiculturalism. I am still against multiple cultures, but it shouldn’t be about race. It should be about WESTERN not WHITE society.

That said, by promoting different identities, Google is attacking WESTERN society. I would be perfectly okay with Muslims and Jews if they would simply integrate into our society, instead of promoting their own societies within our societies.

A good place to look at an example of this is in the BASED SIKHS phenomenon.

These based Sikhs may not be white, but they sure are WESTERN.

One also has to ask why it is that the whites in the picture are all crippled or gay.

We need to have nationalism for all peoples.