Google “Issue” Hides Conservative and Alternative Media Websites from Search Results

Google experienced a mysterious issue that excluded mostly right-wing content from search results.


Google excluded major conservative and alt-media outlets from its search results for hours, hiding hits for sites like Breitbart and RedState even in searches for the outlets’ names – only to mysteriously revert to normal later.

Conservative sites were in a panic Tuesday morning, reporting they seemed to have been blacklisted from Google. Articles and pages published by PJ Media, Daily Caller, The Blaze, and many other sites were absent even from searches for the publication name, replaced by links to Wikipedia and other sites talking about the outlet in question – usually negatively.

While most of the affected sites hailed from the right side of the political spectrum, leftist sites whose views don’t conform to prevailing orthodoxy also appeared to fall victim to the purge. Mediaite’s Charlie Nash posted a screenshot of a Google search for “MintPress News” that included no hits from the left-leaning antiwar outlet, while another commenter noted Occupy Democrats was MIA.

Perhaps realizing that simply returning the news sites to their rightful place in search results wouldn’t silence critics, Google later released a statement acknowledging “an issue that impacted some navigational and site: operator searches.” However, they denied any “particular sites or political ideologies” were targeted.

Project Veritas, one of the sites affected by the search blackout, interviewed a Google whistleblower last year who revealed the company has multiple “blacklists” for both YouTube and regular web search, one of which includes many of the sites that went missing on Tuesday.

As November’s elections loom, Google and other tech firms are likely scrambling to prevent a rerun of 2016. With 88 percent of US search engine market share, Google’s results will figure heavily in the information American voters can access in the next few months.

This “technical issue” is an awfully convenient way to momentarily turn off access to certain information at critical times, while maintaining plausible deniability.

It was likely a test run, both to test the technology, and to see how many people noticed it at all. In the very near future, entire parts of the internet are going to be turned off. (You might not know this, but if you type “Daily Stormer” into Google, it has 5 pages of lies about Andrew Anglin before it shows you the actual site. They’ve been restructuring the ability of people to access information for years now.)

Who is going to investigate Google and the rest of these tech companies if they decide to pull something like this again?

It’s impressive how the media managed to keep the insane Russian Meddling narrative alive while preventing people from asking uncomfortable questions, like “but what about the tech companies that have total control over our information?