Google Images is Just So Bad Now – It’s Literally Curated

People don’t really know how bad this censorship has gotten. We see these high-profile bannings, but while that has been happening, they’ve also been going through and making all kinds of other serious changes.

Google Images searches are now literally curated.

It may surprise you, but I’m pretty bad at keeping a clean memes folder. I’m actually kind of a messy person. But unlike with my office, where I can hire a woman to come in twice a week and clean up the mess, I cannot hire a woman to clean up my memes folder.

So I end up searching for memes. I don’t usually use Google, but I was stumped looking for the version of the “button dilemma” meme that has something like “we have to close down society to protect the 0.01% that are vulnerable” on one button and “if 0.01% of people die from the vaccine that is a meaningless percentage” on the other button.

I typed “vaccine button meme meaningless percent vulnerable” into Google Images. All of the results were “fact checkers” claiming that all of the vaxx memes are “false” and “misleading.”

Those are the top eight results, and all of them but the bottom right one are fact checkers claiming that various memes are false.

I went through and did a series of “vaccine” and “meme” related searches, and found that this is universal – 95% of the top search results are always fact-checkers saying that memes are false.

Listen: there is zero chance that fact-checkers saying memes are false are more popular than memes.

This is all being curated, by hand.


No one is studying how much Google has been curated, and I certainly don’t have the time or the manpower to put together a proper study. But we have anecdotal evidence showing that anything related to any controversial topic is curated. We also know that messing with the algorithm on that level means that totally unrelated, non-political searches will break as a result.

Here’s the thing: just like the value of the dollar affects all fiat currencies, and the value of Bitcoin affects all cryptocurrencies, the accuracy of Google affects all search engines. (I could try to explain that, but I’m not going to, and I think you can either figure it out logically in your own head or just trust me. The basic concept is that if Google artificially boosts sites, other search engines start recognizing them as more important than they actually are.)

This means that you can’t just jump to StartPage or DuckDuckGo and expect to get pure search results. They might be better, but in the longer run, the fact that most of the English internet uses Google means that the results of the entire English internet on any search engine are going to be corrupted.

It’s very sad, but we are moving from the information age into the disinformation age.

Brendan Eich of the Brave Browser recently bought a search company, because he understands that what Google is doing is going to corrupt all search. He is planning to come at things from a different angle (limited search). That might work. I don’t know.

Either way, destroying something so beautiful as the Google Search is something truly evil. It is not morally the same as burning a classical church, but it is in the same category of crime against culture.

End Note

I do think Yandex is ultimately the best search, because it has a huge userbase that at least sometimes uses English (unlike the Chinese, who basically never use English).

But the relevance is often not very high. For example, my above lengthy specific search for the button dilemma meme brought back inspirational quotes.

Then when I reduced it to “button meme vaccine” I got CDC PSAs about shingles.

However, that did bring back some legit anti-vaxx memes, of the kind which appear to have been systematically cleansed from Google, almost completely, using a keyword manipulation system.