Google France Promoting “Black Panther” Under the Name “Planet of the Apes: Supremacy”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2018

Wait so are black people offended by being associated with the film “Planet of the Apes”?

I thought that was sort of like, the original Black Panther.

It was about black people dominating white people, no?

I could see how it would be good marketing to put Black Panther out there as a film in that franchise.

Diversity Macht Frei:

The French cinema information and booking site has been showing ads for the film Black Panther under the name La Planète des singes : Suprématie (Planet of the Apes: Supremacy).

Blacks immediately started to bombard Allociné with complaints about it. The company responded that it was not responsible because these choices were made independently by the Google algorithm. When Google investigated, it turned out that the movie had been google-bombed. Many mischievous searches and links had associated “Black Panther” with the phrase “Planet of the Apes – Supremacy”.

Google has now corrected the “problem”.

Okay so it was bombed by French people.

I always wonder what is going on with French people, because they make this point to not learn English, and thus they are very disconnected from mainstream internet culture. I mean, you get in a thread on /pol/ and it’s not just the Anglosphere – it’s also all of Western Europe, except France. Well, all of Northwestern Europe. Spain and Italy tend to be absent, but they didn’t purposefully refuse to learn English, they just never learned it because they were busy having sex and playing sports or whatever. But we already know that the Spain/Italy policy is just “fuck all of these monkeys – we must kill them.”

France, however, is a mystery to the outsider.

So it’s good to see that they’re engaged in a campaign of racist internet trolling. I think we need to translate some of our materials into their language, so as they can up their game. I am told that some of our guys were doing education programs during the Le Pen campaign.

Trolling is important, folks. It changes the culture. If you can make someone laugh, you bypass their brainwashing. The Jews have known this for a long time. It’s what they did with Archie Bunker and then Homer Simpson – making a mockery of our traditional society in a way that would be virulently offensive if it was not wrapped-up in humor.

24/7 Black Panther News 

I do understand that this site has become a 24/7 Black Panther news outlet. And I want to explain why that is important.

Mostly, it’s funny. But there is also insight.

Basically, the blacks are viewing this movie as if it is real life. And the Jews are promoting that. This idea that all of their problems are due to white people, and if it wasn’t for white people, they would all be flying around in space ships.

I get that this is kinda sad. These people really don’t have anything at all to be proud of. They are effectively a failed race. The only thing that Africa has ever produced is Africans (though they are very good at producing those). So when given the chance, they will literally endorse any type of fantasy that is presented to them and use it as a basis for their own self-image.

The “we wuz kangz” narrative is real. Black people actually believe in this, universally. That they were kangz in Egypt and built the pyramids.

And when they see this movie, they will believe it is real. That white people stole this from them.

We might end up with “Black Panther riots” as a result. The entire promotion of the film is designed to agitate the blacks.