Google Description of “Cuties” Talks About Gagging Prepubescent Girls

Recently, the film “Cuties,” a French pedophile film distributed by Netflix, received much criticism for being a pedophile film. Netflix actually had charges brought against them in Texas for distributing child pornography.

The film features 10 and 11 year old girls doing sexual dances.

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I had to check it myself to believe it, but at time of writing, if you type “Cuties” into Google, the description they give is pornographic.

It reads: “We test each one of these beautiful girls and see how far they can go before they gag during their audition!”

Although the film features highly controversial outfits and gyrating by the preteen girls, it does not include oral sex, which would be highly illegal. Yet someone wrote this in the description.

This is in the sidebar, which is officially moderated by Google. It isn’t some random thing pulled off of a website. Someone at Google has to have included this description in the results.

Why would they do that?

This is going around Twitter and will most likely have been changed by the time you read this. But I can pretty well guarantee you that Google will not offer any explanation as to how it happened in the first place.