Google Celebrates 44th Anniversary of the Birth of Hip-Hop

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2017

Google is celebrating the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop.

I’m not sure what happened on August 11, 1973 that this is the anniversary. I also don’t care enough to Google it.

I do know, however, that celebrating the 44th anniversary of anything is weird. That’s not a round number.’s doodle is a hip-hop graffiti thing with a button in the middle.

When you click on the doodle, it comes alive and you are given a video explaining whatever this is about.

I pushed skip.

It takes you to a tutorial of their little game thing.

It teaches you how to mix beats.

I didn’t want to know how to do that. So I closed the tab.

It’s funny to be forcing this down our throats just after Google got caught in a controversy of firing an employee for questioning the direction of their obsessive diversity policies.

The saddest part of all of this is that the blacks used to make some good music.

Jazz was good, blues was good, Motown was good. I know some racists don’t want to give blacks credit for anything, but it’s just a fact that they used to make some pretty great music. It is an objective truth that remains true no matter what you think of the blacks as a race. Just like they’re good at running, they used to be good at making music.

Apparently, that trend stopped 44 years ago today.

That might be the date that blacks went from being “colored folk” to being “stupid niggers.”

Rap music is pretty much all terrible. And I try to be open about these things.

Some of it has okay beats, I guess, but it is totally degenerate, the lyrical style. There isn’t really anything creative or appealing about it.

I don’t say that as absolute, there is some of it that is fun to listen to as a novelty, but it is clear that the reason it is celebrated as some kind of genius artistic genre is that it degrades society.