Following Trump’s Executive Order, Google Blocks Huawei From Using Android on Phones

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2019

This move affects mostly upcoming phones, but it also means that people who already own a Huawei device won’t be able to update to a new version of Android anymore.

Daily Mail:

Huawei has been blocked from using Google software on its phones, dealing a huge blow to the Chinese tech giant.

New Huawei-made phones will not have access to apps such as Gmail, Google Maps and the Google Play store.

Existing phones will still have the apps but users will not be able to upgrade to newer versions of the Android operating system.

Anyone who bought one of Huawei’s most recent phones is left without the possibility of updating the operating system as new versions of Android arrive.

Future Huawei phones won’t be able to use the official Android distribution from Google.

Huawei can still use Android’s open-source alternative but it will not include Google’s own-brand apps such as Gmail.

Google’s move comes after President Trump banned Huawei from U.S. networks, and the firm said today it was taking ‘steps to comply with recent government actions’.

The move from Google deals a major blow to the expansion of Huawei and is likely to cripple its expansion.

The open-source “version” without Google Play, Google Maps, Gmail and other Google apps is not really what most people think of when hearing “Android.”

This is an unprecedented move that ostracizes what may currently be the best phone manufacturer in the world.

Consider that there is no alternative. Phones are either iPhones with iOS or Android devices. No matter how good of an alternative to these Google apps Huawei makes, the fact that their phones don’t have official Google apps will definitely influence people looking for a new phone.

Huawei had the foresight to prepare for this scenario.

Business Insider, March 15, 2019:

The Chinese tech giant Huawei confirmed it has developed its own operating system that could replace Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows should it be barred from using American-made products, according to a recent report by the German newspaper Die Welt.

The prospect of being banned from such products has intensified for Huawei in the wake of its recent lawsuit against the US government.

We have prepared our own operating system. Should it ever happen that we can no longer use these systems, we would be prepared,” Huawei executive Richard Yu said, according to a translation of the original German text.

Yu said that moving onto Huawei’s in-house platform was the company’s “plan B” and that “of course we prefer to work with the ecosystems of Google and Microsoft.

Rolling out their own operating system will be smoother in China but harder in the rest of the world, which is a shame because Huawei’s phones are pretty great compared to the alternatives, and an operating system not owned directly by Jews would be better than what people have available now with Android phones.

Other phone manufacturers are just not there in price and quality.

Remember the folding phones?

Samsung had lots of problems with those after their announcement and was thinking about canceling the release.

Trump sabotaging Huawei – which was done with an executive order last week – is ultimately good news, as it is going to provide an alternative operating system. Here at the Stormer we have long speculated that Huawei would win big if it managed to create a third platform – and now it appears they are going to be forced to do so.

Using a Huawei phone with a Huawei-controlled operating system would be an improvement over using Samsung phones with Jewish-controlled Android.

The Chinese are not controlling our government and flooding our countries with creatures from Mordor.