Google Blacklist Leaked After They Told Congress It Didn’t Exist – Daily Stormer at the Top of It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2019

Project Veritas leaked a Google blacklist.

They lied to Congress about this, which, as I’m sure you know, is a very serious felony. It’s what Robert Mueller sent all those people to prison for during his witch hunt.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that not only will Google not be prosecuted for this, but that the New York Times will continue to claim that there is “no evidence” of political bias in the tech industry.

Daily Mail:

A Google engineer has spoken on the record to say the web giant does blacklist certain news sites and has an ‘editorial agenda’.

Whistleblower Zachary Vorhies spoke to Project Veritas after claiming the company called police in San Francisco to perform a ‘wellness check’ on him when he originally leaked files on their activity.

Senior software engineer Vorhies, who worked for the company for eight years, says he added a ‘dead man’s switch’ which would activate the files in case he was ‘killed or assassinated’.

Among the hundreds of documents leaked by Vorhies to Project Veritas is a document called ‘news black list site for Google Now’ which he claims shows a list of the web pages Google restricts.

It includes a number of conservative leaning websites such as The National Enquirer, Media Matters and Infowars.

Vorhies says the company’s actions are ‘hypocritical at the least and it’s perjury at the worst’ after CEO Sundar Pichai testified to Congress to say they do not promote left-leaning, Democratic news over that of more Conservative outlets or merely outlets it does not rate.

The insider said he spoke out amid fears the ‘entire election system was going to be compromised forever by this company that told the American public that it was not going to do any evil’.

Vorhies told Project Veritas: ‘This particular black list is showing which news sites aren’t going to show up underneath the search bar when people are searching on their Android phone.

‘And what they are doing is that they are saying “ok, well, you know, Newsbusters, the Gateway Pundit, National Enquirer, Media Matters, Infowars, they’re not going to appear on their search results”.

‘And they are telling people that they don’t have any blacklists, they don’t have any political ideology, they don’t have any political bias but it’s really clear that they do.

‘If Google wants to have political bias and if they wanna say they have political bias that is their right as a company.

‘But for them to go under oath and say that theses blacklists don’t exist, well employees like me are able to just search through the internal search engine of the company and see that they do, it is hypocritical at the least and it’s perjury at the worst.

‘If people don’t fall in line with their editorial agenda then their news articles get deboosted and deranked.

‘And people do fall in line with their editorial agenda then it gets boosted to the top.’

Another file appears to show ranking classifier to ‘define channel quality’.

In his interview Vorhies adds: ‘When they see the documents themselves they are going to be shocked and they are going to terrified. They are going to be like how can Google so blatantly lie to the American public and lie to Congress when there is a pile of evidence showing that what they are saying is untrue.’

Images shared with Project Veritas show Vorhies walking towards officers with his hands in the air after he says Google found out he leaked the files.

He told the site: ‘[The police] started banging on my door.

‘They called in the FBI, they called in the SWAT team. And they called in a bomb squad.

‘[T]his is a large way in which intimidate their employees that go rogue on the company.’

This is insane.

The police work for Google.

Google lies to Congress with impunity.

The Daily Caller reported a similar story back in April, apparently about a different blacklist, which only affected “special search results” and not the blue links of the main algorithm. Google denied the report.

Now we have an actual list, which appears to actually affect the blue links (at least on the Android platform, and if they’re doing it there, they’re doing it everywhere else too).

You can view the full list here.

The blacklist has multiple sections.

The Daily Stormer is in the first section, the only American news site listed with a bunch of Bittorrent sites which are probably technically illegal.

The rest of the sites are in a section allegedly for “sites with high user block rate.” This means that people gave some kind of feedback saying they didn’t like the site.

We were blocked without that feedback. We are a Republican news site, classified with illegal content. Because we are just that effective.

Of course, it is only right-wing sites that are blocked. So if someone gave negative feedback to Daily Kos or It’s Going Down, that feedback did not lead to them making it on the blacklist. All the “user block rate” tag actually is is a bit of plausible deniability – “you goyim told us you wanted it blocked!”

The video and the media reporting on this keep talking about Infowars, Daily Caller, etc. being blocked – but all of them were blocked under the “high user block rate” section. We were the ONLY ONES blocked outright, for no reason, listed alongside illegal content.

I’ll tell you what, this feels fantastic.

Not only is it a badge of honor and a confirmation of just how good we are at what we do here, it is a confirmation that I’m not going insane when I think Google is delisting me.

A lot of people told me that the Google algorithm was sacred, and they wouldn’t mess with it with a blacklist like this. And yet, I kept feeling I was being suppressed whenever I searched Google for any of my own content.

Now I know that I was right.

The Google Jews were always after me.