Google Apparently Scrubbing Negative Autocomplete Terms for BLM

Google being in the corner of a radical communist organization doesn’t surprise anyone.

We should probably be asking why it is that we allow private corporations to aggressively lobby for communism – especially while openly flaunting existing anti-trust laws.


Google’s automatic search suggestions for ‘Black Lives Matter’ reveal a strikingly positive image of the movement, with almost all negative references appearing to have been cleansed from the automated results.

As protests and riots swept the nation following the death of George Floyd in May, Google searches for ‘Black Lives Matter’ spiked a hundredfold. Given that these protests have resulted in multiple deaths, widespread looting, and the burning down of parts of several major urban centers, one would expect that a search for ‘Black Lives Matter’ would bring up some criticism of the movement.

Yet this is not so. As of Wednesday afternoon, keying ‘BLM’ into Google’s search bar returns only two suggested results: ‘BLM Israel’ and ‘BLM issues’. Entering ‘Black Lives Matter is’ likewise gives two answers: ‘Black lives matter is not a design challenge,’ and ‘Black lives matter is a revolutionary peace movement.’

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Google’s rivals show a different set of results. DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine, shows a range of positive and negative results, from ‘blm is peaceful’ to ‘blm is a cancer.’ Yahoo offers an even more negative list, including ‘blm is a terrorist organization’ and ‘blm is a hate group.’

The curious discrepancy in results was first noticed by conservative news outlet Breitbart on Tuesday. When the outlet pressed Google on the issue, a spokesperson did not acknowledge any deliberate effort to suppress certain results.

Instead, they told Breitbart that Google has “systems in place to prevent potentially policy-violating predictions from appearing” and that the company “would never modify our products or enforce our policies in any way to promote or disadvantage any particular political ideology, viewpoint or candidate.”

However, accusations of liberal bias at Google are rife. After the killing of George Floyd triggered nationwide riots, a document circulated via company email instructing employees on effective means of protests, with one of its instructions being for staff to “debrief afterwards with”  to discuss what could be “improved for next time.”

The Silicon Valley giant also “blacklists” conservative and “fringe” websites from its search results, according to one report, while another study found that Google’s search results display a “left-leaning ideological skew.” This apparent skew is endorsed by the higher-ups at Google, who in a company meeting following the election of President Donald Trump vowed to deploy artificial intelligence to prevent such a “deeply offensive” result from happening again. 

People probably have a hard time just grasping the most basic nature of what is happening right now. This entire idea of these mega corporations supporting communism is counter-intuitive.

Basically, the system that they are building is different than any which has ever existed, so there is no point of reference to unravel where this is all going. It takes a bit of creativity. With no one in the mainstream really saying it, it ends up being overwhelming to try to understand it, so people just get caught up in the flow of it.