Google and Twitter Engage in Mass Censorship Campaign Against Anyone Opposing Hong Kong Terror Movement

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2019

First, they came for the Neon-Nazis.

Then they came for everyone else the Jews don’t like.

Now they’re coming for people opposed to a violent CIA-backed terrorist uprising in Hong Kong.


YouTube has disabled 210 channels for posting content related to the Hong Kong protests “in a coordinated manner,” following in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter in restricting its arbitrary censorship to pro-China accounts.

“Channels in this network behaved in a coordinated manner while uploading videos related to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong,” Google threat analyst Shane Huntley claimed in a blog post on Thursday, adding that the Google team’s “discovery” was “consistent with recent observations and actions related to China announced by Facebook and Twitter.”

Translation? The channels were “sowing political discord” on behalf of the Chinese government, and had to be stopped. How did Google know it was the Chinese nefariously attempting to poison the minds against the protesters? The “use of VPNs” and “other methods of disguise” – widespread in the era of mass surveillance – was all the proof required to wipe the channels out of existence.

Twitter got the anti-China censorship ball rolling earlier this week, in perhaps the first-ever social media preemptive strike “proactively” deplatforming hundreds of thousands of accounts for the capital crime of “sowing discord.” Their crimes included “undermining the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement on the ground.” One could argue that the protests themselves are a form of political discord, but resistance is futile when charged with such an inchoate offense.

None of the social media platforms have ever defined what exactly constitutes “attempting to sow discord,” though a common thread running through the mass deplatformings of the past year suggests it involves posting in support of a government the US doesn’t like – whether Russia, Iran, Venezuela, or China.

The social media Ministry of Truth has become increasingly open about the irrelevance of truth in what constitutes actionable disinformation. One group of “experts” in the spread of disinfo online even published a paper this week explaining that true statements could constitute disinformation if they were arranged to serve a purpose, calling for platforms to expand their definition of “inauthentic behavior” to include anyone reposting information portraying the “good guys” in a negative light.

The Chinese government challenged Twitter to explain its decision to ban state-owned media from advertising, asking “Why is it that China’s official media’s presentation is surely negative or wrong?”

Just imagine that these people want to talk about how China is “not a free country” and they are bringing freedom to China with their terrorist uprising… as they crack down on speech much harder than China has ever done.

Understand that, goyim: we have less freedom of speech in America than the Chinese have in China.

The only thing you cannot criticize in China is the government.

Here’s a running list of things you cannot criticize in America:

  • Jews
  • Homosexuals
  • Women
  • Black people
  • Mass immigration
  • Islam
  • Abortion
  • The Hong Kong revolution

Someone can say “oh but it’s different because in China the government does it.”

How is that different?

The outcome is exactly the same: you cannot say what you want to say on the internet. It makes zero difference to the person trying to say the thing what mechanism was used to silence them. They have been silenced.

Furthermore: it is the government doing it in the US, just through a Rube Goldberg machine. The US government claims to protect our freedom of speech, and they do not do that. Instead they let private companies take away that freedom.

This situation is no different than if “private companies” were violating any other part of the Bill of Rights. If a private security contractor hired by Google came to your house and took all of your guns from you, would the conservatives go out there saying “oh well, they’re allowed to do that because they’re a private company”?

I would hope not, but based on their current position on freedom of speech, it appears that they would have to say that.

If the government does not defend your rights then the government is complicit in taking away your rights, period.

Furthermore, in China, you are not hunted down by a mob of government-protected “Antifa” if you break their speech rules. The cops might or might not come see you in China if you post something about the government. But you will not have a group of drug-fueled violent psychos, who enjoy the full protection of the state, show up and attack you on the street.

That will absolutely never happen in China.

Face the facts: China is a legitimate country and a free country. When the US shills for bringing “freedom” there, what they are actually trying to bring them is tyranny and enslavement to an international Jewish cartel.

Cuck Kirk Wants Hong Kong Bloodbath

We saw recently that someone was seeding 4chan with “Hong Kong Pepe” memes in order to try to force-meme right-wing Western support for this Jewish takeover.

Anyone who is claiming that this Hong Kong revolution is anything other than a massive, sickening, Jewish hoax is an absolute shill, and that includes the bitch Charlie Kirk who was in Breitbart today calling for a militant uprising in Hong Kong.

In an article about how Hong Kong should have gun rights to protect themselves from Beijing, he seemed to imply that it would be good if the CIA was shipping guns to the Hong Kong protesters, before then backtracking and saying “oh but I hope it’s peaceful.”

Of course, the CIA has already been moving weapons into Hong Kong in attempts to arm these terrorists. So it appears that Charlie Kirk is simply trying to acclimate the idiot audience of Breitbart to be prepared to support a full-on bloodbath in Hong Kong.

Someone is shilling the right-wing very hard to oppose China. And I’m not just seeing this on 4chan and other forums – I see people shilling this even on my own website. I doubt they are actual shills, just brainwashed idiots who are the victims of shills.

Their argument is “the Hong Kongese just want freedoms,” and then if you push back on that as completely nonsensical and retarded, they switch to “oh well, China has nothing to do with America.”

Sure, guy – the CIA and the State Department staging a massive coup in China has nothing to do with America.

Of course, I have covered all of the ZOG-backed fake revolutions on this website, including those in:

  • The Ukraine
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Iran

And I have very rarely, if ever, seen any pushback from people defending the CIA.

China is a much, much bigger deal than any of those countries. We should absolutely be speaking out against attempts to foment war with China, just as we spoke out against the recent attempts to foment war in Venezuela and Iran.

Both of these last two attempts failed, in large part because they were unable to drum up support. That is obviously why they’re making a big thing of putting this on 4chan and trying to seed organic-looking support for their revolutionary hoax.