Google and Facebook Vow to Stop Spread of Fake News on the Internet

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2016

Silicon Valley needs to crackdown on fake news websites like CNN, New York Times and Washington Post.

It looks as if the Jew-run companies of Google and Facebook have come to their senses. They are finally going to do their best to stop the spread of fake news on the Internet.


Alphabet Inc’s Google and Facebook Inc on Monday announced measures aimed at halting the spread of “fake news” on the internet by targeting how some purveyors of phony content make money: advertising.

Google said it is working on a policy change to prevent websites that misrepresent content from using its AdSense advertising network, while Facebook updated its advertising policies to spell out that its ban on deceptive and misleading content applies to fake news.

The shifts comes as Google, Facebook and Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) face a backlash over the role they played in the U.S. presidential election by allowing the spread of false and often malicious information that might have swayed voters toward Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The issue has provoked a fierce debate within Facebook especially, with Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg insisting twice in recent days that the site had no role in influencing the election.

Regrettably, the type of fake news they are talking about cracking down on is only low-grade clickbait fake news, such as the now-classic Amish-for-Trump article that went viral last month. They won’t be cutting down on the bigger fake news threat, which is the mainstream Jewish media itself.

Websites like CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and other dishonest media outlets created fake news throughout the election cycle as part of a failed attempt to swing the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. In fact, CNN is still manufacturing fake news after the election. They recently hoaxed one of their own cameramen being an anti-Trump protester.

Websites like these have lost all of their credibility. People are now turning to trusted news sources like the Daily Stormer for all their daily news and information. It is good to see that Google and Facebook are recognizing these trends. The Daily Stormer has earned its reputation as being the number one most-trusted Republican news source on the Internet after producing several years of no nonsense fact-based journalism.