Google Ads Blacklists All Sites Questioning Bill Gates’ Satanic World Government Takeover

This is Bill Gates.

He is your new leader.

You are not allowed to question him. He is the living, breathing avatar of pure Science. Every time he speaks, six academic citations appear underneath him – and all of them are true.


Google has announced that it will ban advertisements from web pages that promote coronavirus conspiracy theories, or challenge the “authoritative scientific consensus” on the deadly virus.

Google has already banned adverts promoting phony coronavirus cures or touting “medical misinformation,” but the tech giant went one step further on Friday, telling CNBC that as of next month, it will ban publishers from displaying Google ads next to coronavirus conspiracy content. The firm added that if a site violates this policy sufficiently, the ban will be extended to the entire site.

As for what kind of content will be deemed ban-worthy, a Google spokesperson told the news outlet that content claiming vaccines are a population control effort, that Bill Gates created the virus, and that it was a bioweapon engineered in a Chinese laboratory would all fall foul of the rule. The spokesperson added that any claims going against the “authoritative scientific consensus” would lead to a ban.

They do not care about virus origin theories. They mix this in with the question of vaccines as population control to discredit that by association.

Bill Gates himself has stated that vaccines are a population control effort.

He didn’t mean what some conspiracy theorists think he meant, but he did say it.

So, Google will now have to start pulling ads from any site that reports what Bill Gates has said about this issue.

“Authoritative scientific consensus” seems like a term open to interpretation, especially considering science is a method of investigation rather than a fixed set of beliefs. However, Google’s ‘trust the experts’ approach is the latest in a series of attempts to clamp down on coronavirus “misinformation.”

Back in March the company banned most non-governmental content about the outbreak, but reversed course when Democrats in the US complained this approach would benefit the Trump administration. It also banned the sale of face masks, back when the scientific consensus was that they didn’t work. Since then, that consensus has shifted and going without a mask is a fineable offense in some countries.

If it were the government, blocking sites that question government policy from running ads – that would not be free speech.

However, the one corporation that has monopolized all advertisement in every single Western country can block sites disagreeing with government policy. That’s free speech.

You see, Google is a corporation, and corporations are people. They can choose who they want to do business with, just like you and me. So, for example, if Walmart is the only supermarket in your small town and you cannot go elsewhere, they should have the right to starve you to death, for any reason.

Furthermore, this is even more free speech, because Bill Gates is not even the government. He’s a mega-billionaire, running a world government organization. He makes a policy, and the dozens of governments of all the Western countries do it, all at once.

Bill Gates has brought us the Truest of all Democracy.