Google Adds Badge to Black Businesses to Help People Avoid Buying from Whites

Look, from now on, I’m just reporting the news so you know what is happening. I can’t be expected to comment on these current items.

The Verge:

Google is launching a new tool that allows businesses to identify themselves as Black-owned through the company’s Maps and Search listings. The new feature is part of the company’s pledge announced last month to support the Black community with “initiatives and product ideas that support long-term solutions.”

When searching for a business through or Google Maps, you’ll now be able to see a new badge to represent Black-owned businesses — it’s a black heart over an orange three-striped background, like the one you can see in these images. They need to claim their business on Google and verify they own it by mail, phone or email before they can apply for the badge; it’s not clear how or whether Google can actually tell if they’re Black-owned. In 2018, Google introduced similar badges for businesses to display if they were either “Women-Led” and/or friendly to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

You don’t even have to look it up to know that there are conservatives out there saying, “this is what the Nazis did to the Jews! They marked their businesses! The Democrats hate black people!”

Shockingly, Dinesh D’Souza hasn’t commented on it, so let’s go over to the Breitbart News comments section…


I don’t even think these people would make the argument that Democrats secretly hate black people. Apparently, Dinesh does make that argument, but most of these people don’t think any further than “thing people I don’t like are doing has superficial similarity to thing bad man did! Therefore, people I don’t like are bad!”

The normie conservative brain has been programmed to look for totally meaningless gotchas in fake contradictions, even though these gotchas are produced only for internal consumption and cannot possibly serve any purpose beyond internal party smugness.

Dumb as this is, we should note that it isn’t just the normie conservatives that suffer from this disease of the mind: it is all right-wingers, none of whom appear to understand the concept of “action.”

Political power comes from action, not thought or speech. The intellectual far-rightist who is sitting around discussing high-level analysis of the real contradictions in liberalism – such as the fact that multinational corporations are promoting communism – is not accomplishing anything more than the normiecon searching for fake gotchas.

Basically, the political lines have already been drawn. A normie conservative wants the same basic thing as a reactionary TradCath or a progress-minded fascist/Nazi. At least when you put any of those groups in contrast to the modern left, the differences in their individual agendas are nigh undetectable.

The political lines have already been drawn, and they are not going to change. Trying to convince normiecons to become more hardcore in their views is largely pointless, because they already supported the 2016 Trump platform which involved rounding up tens of millions of brown people and ejecting them from the country. The fact that they will also call liberals “the real racists” means absolutely nothing. It’s funny and you can make fun of it, but the only thing that means anything in real life is what they will support or not support, not some stupid game they play pointing out fake contradictions.

The singular problem on the right is that nothing ever gets done. Everyone is just jerking each other off. And again: the far right is just as guilty of that as goofy normiecons.

All of this means that what everyone on the right should have been doing since Donald Trump got elected (and before) is attacking the Republican politicians who don’t do anything and figuring out ways to punish them for not doing anything. Period. That is the only thing worth spending actual time on. Yes, it’s good to know what’s going on and so on, my job here has been to report the news, that is something I obviously feel is important, but to have the entire drive of the right be complaining about the left, when everyone is already against the left, is the epitome of counterproductive.

“Have you seen what the crazy left did this time???” does nothing! Nothing happens because you said that! It can go on forever, and things just keep getting worse! We have politicians who were elected to stop these people from doing these things we don’t like, and they are not stopping them from doing these things we don’t like.

In fact, they are going out and praising the enemy!

Every top Republican bowed down and worshiped John Lewis’ boot-lipped corpse.

What’s worse – this isn’t some strategy to beg the enemy for mercy and get something out of it. It is just done for apparently no reason at all. The enemy will not respect you for praising them. They will actually use you praising them as an opportunity to attack you more.

The left is a thing that exists. Like a natural disaster.

Imagine if a hurricane was coming and everyone knew that it was going to destroy a small town in Louisiana, and instead of putting up barriers and evacuating the town, the mayor got up on TV and just started talking about how he is really against hurricanes, and thinks they’re bad.

Then imagine that the people rallied around the mayor and said “yeah, hurricanes are so bad! I hate hurricanes!” As the hurricane was coming in, they were all out in the street, talking about how they think hurricanes are really bad. As the hurricane comes in and wipes everyone out, there is a man on stage giving a speech about the history of hurricanes and the destruction they’ve done to people.

Now imagine that after the hurricane hits, and virtually everyone in the town dies, the survivors don’t blame the mayor for not evacuating, and instead continue to support him. If someone says, “well, the mayor didn’t evacuate,” the response from the people is: “you can’t blame him! He hates hurricanes! You heard his speech! He is the most anti-hurricane mayor in the country!”

You can go ahead and imagine then that a few days after the hurricane, the mayor gives a speech honoring hurricanes, and says that although he disagrees with hurricanes, he thinks that the hurricane that destroyed his town was a hero, and it was truly an honor to have worked with him.

This is stupid. The only way we are ever going to get anywhere is if we start forcing our own leaders to do something, and start voting them out if they don’t. We need a system to vote these people out. We cannot rely on the mainstream media.

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If Trump loses, none of this is going to matter, because the Democrats are going to make it so elections don’t do anything. If Trump wins, however, we need to figure out a way to start using the primary system to replace all of these politicians who didn’t do anything. That is the only possible course of action going forward.