Goodyear Tire has Gone Full Black Lives Matter – Your Workplace is Next

Audio allegedly recorded during a “diversity training session” for employees of Goodyear Tires in Topeka, Kansas has leaked online. It features a company executive discussing the tire manufacturer’s “zero tolerance” policy which prohibits employees from wearing clothing that show support for the police or the belief that all lives matter.

In the audio, obtained by a local news station from an anonymous employee of the company, the executive can be heard telling the proletariat employees the new rules of order in the factory.

The exec declares, “Some people may wish to express their views on social justice or inequity or equality issues such as black lives matter or LGBTQ pride on their face coverings, shirts or wristbands. That will be deemed approved because it applies with a zero-tolerance stance.”

“However, If any associate wears all, blue, white lives matter shirts or face coverings, that will not be appropriate.”

He continues: “The rules now around what you can wear, let’s try and comply with these so that way you know everybody feels good in this factory. I want to make sure guys think about what we do.”

The audio release comes after a shockingly Orwellian image from what was presumably the same meeting was published by local outlet WIBW. It showed a PowerPoint which read “Zero Tolerance” and listed the things that would be allowed and those that wouldn’t be.

Along with banning support for the police and expression of the belief that the lives of non-blacks have value, the Orwellian instructions explicitly banned Donald Trump attire then all political materials in general. The idea obviously is that the Black Lives Matter Marxist revolutionary movement is somehow “nonpolitical.” Defining leftist political agendas as “not political” is a new trend that has arisen with the BLM movement.

By any conceivable definition of the term, Black Lives Matter is a political movement, which engages in political activism and affects electoral politics. But the left has decided to frame their political movement as a moral crusade of good vs. evil, and some of their agenda is so morally righteous that it stops being political at all.

To put this in perspective: I am a very strong supporter of the right to life. I would not consider the murder of an unborn child a political act. That having been said, the fact of reality is that abortion is a hot-button political issue in that one party is trying to restrict it while the other party is trying to expand it. There are one-issue voters on both sides of this issue. There are activist organizations on both sides of the issue. I do not think that any single pro-life activist would claim that abortion is “not a political issue.” If someone wears a pro-life or pro-abortion t-shirt, they’re first and foremost stating a political position. Before abortion was legalized, no one wore anti-abortion t-shirts, and if there weren’t people trying to restrict it, no one would be wearing anti-fetus t-shirts. It was politics that legalized it in the first place and it is politics that are beginning to restrict it in some places.

This is to say: there are a lot of issues involved in politics that people view as moral issues. They do not stop being political issues because they are moral issues. I’m willing to accept that Democrats believe that people are being oppressed and that they believe this is a moral issue. However, that does not somehow magically make the discussion of their response to this nonpolitical.

There are a lot of implications to this, the underlying concept being that anyone who opposes BLM is beyond the pale and outside of the realm of politics itself. The fact that the movement has been endorsed by Republicans like Mitt Romney bolsters the claim that the issue is so cut and dry that if you don’t actively support abolishing the police, ending cash bail, closing all prisons, ending racial discrimination laws so that whites can be actively discriminated against by law and all of the other positions of the BLM movement then you have exited the realm of politics and entered the realm of otherworldly and metaphysical evil.

Redefining Democrat political agendas as nonpolitical also has direct practical implications. It is obviously illegal for Goodyear Tire to tell employees that they are allowed to support one political agenda and not another. The company’s lawyers know this is illegal, and yet they are going all in on the idea that in this current climate, they can get away with it.