Good News: Spider Music? Oh, Yes. Yes, Indeed.

I have often said that there is definite order in the universe, and that we can see this in math.

That math can also be transferred into music.

Good News Network:

Spiders are master builders, expertly weaving strands of silk into intricate 3D webs that serve as the spider’s home and hunting ground.

If humans could enter the spider’s world, they could learn about web construction, arachnid behavior, and more.

Yesterday, scientists reported that they have translated the structure of a web into music, which could have applications ranging from better 3D printers to cross-species communication and otherworldly musical compositions.

The spider lives in an environment of vibrating strings,” says Markus Buehler, Ph.D. at MIT, the project’s principal investigator, who is presenting the work. “They don’t see very well, so they sense their world through vibrations, which have different frequencies.” Such vibrations occur, for example, when the spider stretches a silk strand during construction, or when the wind or a trapped fly moves the web.

Buehler, who has long been interested in music, wondered if he could extract rhythms and melodies of non-human origin from natural materials, such as spider webs. “Webs could be a new source for musical inspiration that is very different from the usual human experience,” he says.

In addition, by experiencing a web through hearing as well as vision, Buehler and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), together with collaborator Tomás Saraceno at Studio Tomás Saraceno, hoped to gain new insights into the 3D architecture and construction of webs.

With these goals in mind, the researchers scanned a natural spider web with a laser to capture 2D cross-sections and then used computer algorithms to reconstruct the web’s 3D network.

The team assigned different frequencies of sound to strands of the web, creating “notes” that they combined in patterns based on the web’s 3D structure to generate melodies. The researchers then created a harp-like instrument and played the spider web music in several live performances around the world.

Here’s one of the songs.

It sounds like mood music from a 1970s Italian horror film. Which is exactly what I’d hoped it would sound like.

I imagine that is what is going through a spider’s brain as he builds his web. And according to them, the spiders can feel the tones of the strings, so that is what is going through their brains.

But here’s the bigger picture: order in the universe.

Order is everywhere. Modern fake astrophysics has claimed that “chaos” exists in the universe, and they’ve invented nonsense like black holes and dark matter to support that theory.

Remember that they also told us we have “junk genes” in our DNA. Now, the whole “junk genes” theory has been pretty much thrown out, and they’re admitting that there is information programmed in these genes.

I was watching the show Utopia, and was shocked to hear the term “junk genes,” which I hadn’t heard in a while. But that was 2013, and they were still using that term.

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No one uses that term anymore. Now it is understood that there is information encoded in these genes, but geneticists just can’t totally figure out what it is. Imagine the hubris of calling them “junk genes” in the first place!

The big bang, randomized evolution backed only by natural selection, and an unlimited number of other assertions of the scientific establishment have been proved false, and they just haven’t admitted it yet. A big part of the problem is that these people just don’t ever want to admit they’re wrong.

I feel very strongly that honest inquiry into science would ultimately prove that the universe contains an underlying order that simply cannot be explained by random chance. In my own life, I have experienced too many things that could not possibly be explained by random chance to believe that random chance is a real thing.

WARNING: NEW AGE GIBBERISH (All the good new agers have been kicked off of YouTube for racism and/or virus denialism)

If we remove random chance from the equation, and start assuming that physical matter is driven by invisible forces of energy, we could invent an entirely new theory of everything. Of course, those forces of energy would have logical, consistent patterns to them, it is simply that thought and consciousness would play a role in the movement and development of the physical world. This would mean that our thoughts, our choices, and our entire lives have meaning and purpose.

I don’t agree with chaos theory or quantum physics, but the initial inspiration for the Buttery Effect was a Ray Bradbury story, A Sound of Thunder, that actually meant something close to the opposite of how it was eventually applied to chaos theory. Bradbury, a lapsed Baptist but a spiritual man who believed in meaning, had the idea that every event had meaning and could affect other events.

(Bradbury was never my favorite among classic scifi writers, and might be my least favorite of the big ones aside from Orson Scott Card – other than Ursula Le Guin who doesn’t count because she’s a woman. But I’ve been meaning to reread Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. It’s one of the only books of the standard pre-teen book canon I haven’t reread as an adult, and also one of the only “this is what censorship does” scifi books I haven’t reread since 2017. Just like 1984, and really any classic scifi novel, the film adaptations are all garbage.)

There remains no evidence for the existence of “chaos” in nature.

Furthermore, if humans are a part of nature, then viewing nature as a mirror would be a meaningful exercise. Of course, if we were to view nature as a mirror, that would also mean that such things as equality, let alone trannies, would become meaningless and actually insane.

Leftism, unlimitedly, is a revolt against nature, while rightism is a belief in the unbendable truth of nature. And if we look at the infiltration of leftists into the real, hard sciences – starting with the vile Jew Albert Einstein – we find that they are attempting to project their theory of meaninglessness – a theory of relativity, if you will – onto the natural world.

On the bigger level, we should be able to see ordered human systems reflected in the natural world (i.e., the computer functioning similarly to the human brain, which we’re not allowed to notice is also the way complex solar phenomena works).

On the most simple level, we should be able to see our own natural behavior patterns reflected in the behavior of other mammals, in particular apes. But that would be sexist – not to mention homophobic and transphobic.

Ape society is extremely patriarchal and filled with toxic masculinity. Furthermore, ape females are complete whores, which, if we were to examine ourselves as part of an ordered natural system, would make “women’s rights” seem completely insane.