Good Morning. Sunday Morning.

On a Sunday interview with George Stepopodonopolous, Nancy Pelosi answered a question by saying, “Good morning – Sunday morning.”

People are acting like it was weird, but I’m pretty sure it is obviously just a situation where she was reading a teleprompter and for some reason it said, “Good morning, Sunday morning.”

Which brings up the question as to why she would be using a teleprompter in an interview, as this would indicate that she was given a script by Popeodopopoulious. Or, she gave him the script.

Or maybe there is some other explanation? I mean, she’s been senile for a while, but never hardcore dementia-riddled like Joe Biden.

Is it possible that maybe someone on the set waved to her and she was telling them good morning?

I’ll tell you – Pipidiopousopous sure did keep his cool. I would have started laughing, as would most humans.

This is the exact moment she finished the greeting:

Then, a second and a half later, his mouth did start to curl, as after saying this greeting, she just looked at him:

But he held it together.

He’s a trooper.

Speaking of troopers doing scripted interviews, Joe Biden got caught out reading off a script during an interview as well this week. During a Telemundo interview, he got confused as to whether he was going to deport people or not, and then looked off camera and said, “okay, I lost that line.” The interviewer then said, “well, that’s okay, we can talk you and I on that.”

Imagine that these are the people who talk about the sacred nature of the press, giving a type of religious position to journalists. They’re doing scripted interviews with politicians.

Joe Biden said over the weekend that 200 million people had died from the coronavirus, a claim that not even that lunatic Anthony Fauci makes.

This Joe Biden thing is really just too much, man. Have you seen his Twitter bio? It says “I love ice cream.”

He’s giving speeches while wearing a surgical mask.

When the camera backs away, you can see the room is empty for many feet in front of him.

I think most people can’t believe the Biden situation is actually happening. Even I am having a really hard time grasping that it is actually happening in real life. The guy is totally shot, everyone knows it, he is obviously shot, everyone sees it, and we’re just supposed to pretend we don’t see it.

Imagine an alien race observing earth. This would have to be the funniest thing they ever could have imagined. Nowhere else in the entire universe could what is happening on earth right now happen.