Good Headline, CNN. Good Hustle.

This humorously stilted headline from CNN was at the top of my Google News feed this morning:

It was followed by a lot of similar headlines that were maybe less awkwardly worded:

What those articles are about doesn’t really matter. It is all just the same type of endless whiny, nagging histrionics that we’ve seen from the beginning.

What it shows is that the virus situation has not altered the media narrative with regards to Trump in any way. When George W. Bush was president, and 911 happened, the entire Jewish media rallied around him, despite the fact that they’d up to that point been attacking him as a dumb Texas hillbilly. This flu hysteria is millions of times worse than 911.

At Trump’s press conference on Tuesday, he did a hilarious thing and played a propaganda video of how the media has lied and distorted this entire narrative.

He included a long clip by Maggie Haberman, the Jew of the New York Times, saying that people called him racist for closing the border to China but that it was a necessary move. When that was on, he was looking at Haberman and smiling. It was all very funny.

The media of course refused to show this part of the press conference, saying that the goyim don’t need to see that.

Here’s a clip of MSNBC cutting away as soon as he turns the video on.

Point is: this is just a continuation of the war between Trump and the Jews.

There is no attempt to rally the country in solidarity, there is not even an attempt to dial things back even a tiny bit.

What this media response means, among other things, is that anything to do with the coronavirus hoax, including reopening the country, is now officially a partisan issue.  The half of the country that follows everything the media says is going to follow them in saying that anything Trump wants to do is bad because he wants to do it. Trump is always going to be trying to reopen the country, so they are always going to oppose him, and that could well lead to a situation of indefinite lockdown.

It may or may not be the goal of the media to keep us all in an indefinite lockdown. It is totally not clear what the agenda is here. I still can’t even figure out if this whole insane response was on purpose, or the result of some kind of glitch in the system.

Wanting the lockdown to continue indefinitely would make sense from a lot of perspectives, given that as long as people are on lockdown, they’re not going to see what has happened to the economy. When the lockdown ends, there will be no more hiding what has happened, all of the furlough will turn into layoffs, an entire new wave of layoffs will take place until we hit 50-60% unemployment, and we’ll be on a clock for how long the government can keep landlords from kicking people out of their homes onto the streets. Because no one is going to have money for rent.

Honestly, knowing that they’re going to blame everything on him, I don’t even really see why Trump wants to open the country back up. It’s the right thing to do, probably, but the fallout is going to be so massive that it’s somewhat strange that he’s in a rush to deal with it.