Good Chance the Feds Will Do a False Flag at the Inauguration

The media and the government are pumping up all kinds of weird stuff around the inauguration.

This is a basically innocuous story, with an outrageous headline.

New York Times:

The U.S. Capitol Police arrested a man at a security checkpoint in Washington on Friday after he flashed what an officer described as an “unauthorized” inauguration credential and a search of his truck found an unregistered handgun and ammunition, the authorities said.

A federal law enforcement official said that the man, Wesley A. Beeler, 31, worked as a contractor, and that his credential was issued by the Park Police, but was not recognized by the police officer. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the arrest. Mr. Beeler had no known extremist ties, the official said.

“It was an honest mistake,” Mr. Beeler told The Washington Post after being charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and released on Saturday afternoon. He said he had been working a security job in Washington, was running late to work, and had forgotten that his firearm was in his truck.

“I pulled up to a checkpoint after getting lost in D.C. because I’m a country boy,” he told The Post. “I showed them the inauguration badge that was given to me.”

The arrest comes as law enforcement officials have tried to fortify Washington ahead of Inauguration Day on Wednesday, when they fear that extremists emboldened by the attack on the Capitol by President Trump’s supporters on Jan. 6 could seek to cause violence. A militarized “green zone” is being established downtown, National Guard members are flooding the city, and a metal fence has gone up around the Capitol grounds in advance of the swearing-in of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.

I think the feds are pretty likely to either provoke or stage some violent event.

They clearly wanted much more violence than they got on 1/6. Now they’re looking to sway public opinion against MAGA, and isolate the diehard MAGA supporters as terrorists.

They can’t logistically declare 75 million people to be terrorists. They can however – at least according to their sort of thinking – significantly shrink that number by associating it with some horrible event.

I would think that the inauguration would be where they would be looking to make that happen.

Of course, there is nothing anyone can do to stop them from doing it, if they decide to do it. They’ve been trying to incite people for years, and it just hasn’t really worked, so they might decide to do it themselves, then just grab some poor Richard Jewell type character off the streets and blame it on him.

The only thing I can say is this: stay the hell away from Washington, DC, basically forever.