Golden Dawn MP Convicted for Making a Joke About Lampshades and Soap

Daily Slave
September 18, 2014

Golden Dawn.
Golden Dawn.

Restriction of political speech by any government is proof that the government lacks moral authority to govern.  It is really that simple.

Restrictions on political speech is a sign of the state’s weakness, not strength.

With that said, here we see this story of a Golden Dawn member who was found guilty by Greek courts for inciting “racist” violence because he joked about turning immigrants into soap and putting them into ovens.

The Greek people have had enough of these migrant invaders destroying their culture yet a Greek court convicts one of their own for making a joke.  This is obviously the opposite of what should be happening.

Let’s hope the Golden Dawn is able to take back Greece.  They need to throw the Jews and Muslim invaders out of the country and hold the traitors running Greece accountable for their crimes.

As of now the Golden Dawn is the only political force capable of saving Greece and this is why many of their top members are being persecuted in this fashion.


A member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party was found guilty of inciting racist violence after threatening to turn immigrants into soap and to put them in ovens.

Alexandros Plomeratis, a losing candidate for the party in recent elections, was given a one-year suspended jail sentence by an Athens court.

Plomeratis had been filmed as part of a documentary by Britain’s Channel 4 News in which he made Holocaust references in threatening the many immigrants who live in Athens.

“We are ready to turn on the ovens,” he said. “We will turn them into soap but we may get a rash.” Plomeratis also threatened to “make lamps from their skins.”

He told the court that his comments were filmed during a private conversation with friends and he was “only joking,” according to the Kathimerini newspaper.