Golden Dawn Killers: Leftist Identity of System-Protected Murderers Confirmed

XA Ameriki
November 19, 2013

Revolutionary, bro.  Hardcore.
Revolutionary, bro. Hardcore.

The Venizelos-Samaras junta incubated and allowed the paramilitary Left to operate undisturbed, finally culminating in the vicious murder of two innocent Greek nationalists Giorgos Fountalis and Manolis Kapelonis by these scum. While Greek police raided Monasteries looking for Golden Dawn’s ‘secret cache of weapons’ based on hearsay of liars, Anarchists and Communists prepared to take the system’s persecution of Golden Dawn to the next level.    The group that has claimed responsibility, calling itself “Militant People’s Fighting Force”, released a long manifesto to that began with a quote by Spanish Anarchist Buenaventura Durruti. Let’s analyze and comment on a few points regarding this situation:

1) The responsibility for the assassinations was claimed by an emerging gang called “Militant People’s Fighting Force”. The mainstream media is reporting that this group is brand new, but this is pulling the wool over people’s eyes. The paramilitary Left is a single entity when it boils down to it,  with similar terrorist organizations calling themselves diverse names like “Sect of Revolutionaries”, “Conspiracy of Fire”, or “Revolutionary Struggle, yet always consisting of the same members.    In the times where members have been captured, they have been convicted for participation in a variety of groups, and of course despite this, they are released within 18 months.

2) The theories of “agent provocateurs”, “foreign paid assassins”, and others that Leftists have been trying to circulate can now go in the trash! These gangsters are home grown and bred by the Communist Left, as has been the historical norm regarding terrorism in Greece. The relationship can be seen in Greek history as well as globally, wherever the Communist Left has a presence, there is both an above ground and underground branch that act in tandem.  One branch acts as the lawful face, while the other branch focuses on illegal actions and political violence. Despite the disgraceful celebration of death that took place in a wide variety of Marxist and Anarchist circles after the cold-blooded killings of two young men, in Greece the above-ground Leftist circles feverishly denied any involvement of Leftists and attempted to make up new baseless theories to cover for them. This is another historical case where the “legitimate” political face of a “radical” Left movement pretends its violent wing does not exist. But the reality is that they do have knowledge of the extra-legal ranks, in the party of Lenin for example, it was a youthful Joseph Stalin that was leading bank robbers, assassins and saboteurs on behalf of the Bolsheviks.

3) It is absolutely incredible that members of these Anarchist terrorist groups that were caught were released from prison by the civil justice system after barely 18 months! The lack of a sense of humor by the Left can be seen when those Marxists and Anarchists who get a slap on the wrist for committing terrorist acts accuse the leader of the Nationalist movement Michaloliakos, who sits indefinitely in a dungeon of the regime, of being a defender of Samaras (!). Obviously the system’s Judge’s do not agree!

4) The manifesto released by the group and the reasons given for the killings are a carbon copy of thoroughly debunked Dendias and mainstream media  accusations against Golden Dawn. They are referred to by the terrorists as the “actions of the last year”. Here it is obvious that the “great minds” of the Greek government, mainstream media, and Anarchist killers meet!

5)  The protectors of the terrorists , promoted by the international elites as “reputable” journalists, most of them ‘ex’-Marxists, continue to feign surprise and ignorance about the ideological identity of the gangsters, while pretending that actions like this are against the “ethos of the Left”. Well, here is the real Ethos of the Left: “The armed struggle and executions of Fascists was established by the popular practices of popular and revolutionary movements, as demonstrated by the history of ELAS…to crack open their heads with a hammer, to make an example by cutting off hands with a scythe…”

6) The terrorists should be aware that the Nationalist Movement will not be daunted by their threats. Their murderous delusions of creating a new “Meligala” should see the reality of a popular saying: “Whoever digs someone else’s graves, ends up falling in it”.

7)  The reactionary motivations of the Greek Left are on full display, once again. Not a single word in the 18 page manifesto released by the “Militant People’s Fighting Force” mentions the global elites or international moneylenders who dictate actions of Greek politicians and drink the Greek people’s blood with a straw! There isn’t even a reference to Zionist-controlled America or the power it wields over Greek policies.  Not even one! Behold the marriage of global capital and the “radical” Left.