Golden Dawn Fundraising Effort Shutdown in Australia by Greek Australian MP

Daily Slave
October 5, 2014

Golden Dawn – doing their best to save Greece from Jewish destroyers.

Because of some Greek Australian MP named Nick Kotsiras, an Australian fundraising campaign for Greece’s nationalist Golden Dawn party was shutdown after 24 hours.

It is funny that this clown had such an interest in stopping a fundraising effort to help the Golden Dawn, which is one of the singular entities in Greece helping the Greek people in a time of great need.

Obviously, this Kotsiras character cares not about his own people back in his native land of Greece.  He should mind his own damn business.

Even still, this once again will show people how much effort is being put into stonewalling the Golden Dawn, which is undoubtedly a legitimate opposition force to the Jewish controlled traitors who have ruined that country.

Greek Reporter:

Golden Dawn was collaborating with a community group in Melbourne called Voithame Tin Ellada (VTE – We are helping Greece).

The head of the Australian Golden Dawn branch Ignatius Gavrilidis claimed that cash donations were sent directly to the party’s parliamentary account by individual donors and 10 pallets of clothes were shipped to Greece.

Gavrilidis noted the fundraising drive has stopped because of a media campaign aimed at disrupting Golden Dawn’s activities in Australia. He blamed Victorian State MP Nick Kotsiras, who strongly opposes Golden Dawn and its presence in the country.

“VTE has been shut down. VTE was shut down within 24 hours thanks to Facebook, thanks to the authorities, thanks to Victorian MP Nick Kotsiras,” said Gavrilidis.

Gavrilidis noted that the consequence could be charges in Greece against Kotsiras. However, this is highly impossible as Golden Dawn currently holds only 16 seats in Greece’s 300-seat parliament.

Kotsiras has expressed his concerns over the intended use of the funds raised in Australia by Golden Dawn and VTE, which are meant to be sent back to Greece, and has called for further investigation over the party’s fundraising activities.

In every land, the Golden Dawn is persecuted.