Golden Dawn Condemns US and Jewish Involvement in the Ukraine, Persecution of Orthodox Christians

Daily Stormer
March 1, 2014

Real nationalists do not support, and are not supported by, the Jewish parasite.
Real nationalists do not support, and are not supported by, the Jewish parasite.

The Golden Dawn have given an official press release on the situation in the Ukraine, condemning the US, Germany and the Jews for funding a fake nationalist revolution which the masses have had no say in, and which has resulted in attacks on Orthodox Christians.

From their official website:

The Golden Dawn condemns the direct involvement of the U.S. and the EU in a sovereign country which has led to bloodshed and civil war. The wretched Greek government, headed by Venizelos, has not said a word about the deadly risk to Hellenism and Orthodoxy in the Ukraine, which has already manifested in violent attacks against our compatriots.

Americans, Germans and Zionists who are attacking the nationalism of peoples all across Europe – with the number one target being Greece and the Golden Dawn – are now working directly with the Nazi party in Ukraine, because it serves geopolitical goals. The People’s Association of the Golden Dawn supports free elections, to to allow the people to decide the future of their country, rather than the vultures of international usury in Washington and Berlin.

Like myself, the Golden Dawn has a decidedly pro-Russian position, and recognizes that the “Nazis” of the Ukraine are simply being led to the slaughter by Jewish powers.

With the leader of Pravy Sektor now meeting with the Israeli ambassador, the whole thing has become a complete joke, and anyone who supports this revolution, while claiming to be a nationalist, is either stupid or a traitor.