Golden Dawn Arrests Come Just Five Days After World Jewish Congress Demanded the Party be Destroyed

Ilias Kasidiaris being hauled off by masked thugs.
Ilias Kasidiaris being hauled off by masked thugs. When he was grabbed, he shouted “Nothing will bend us! Long live Greece!”

On Monday, September 23, World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder demanded that the Golden Dawn be destroyed to save democracy, saying:

It is high time Greek politicians honor their pledge and adopt effective legislation that will put an end to completely unacceptable harassment of immigrants, ethnic minorities, immigrants and political opponents by the extremist Golden Dawn party.


Words of condemnation, although important, won’t suffice. Greece’s leaders need to take action against those who create a climate of fear and who pose a threat to many of their fellow citizens.

On Saturday, September 28, key party members were arrested and imprisoned on nonsensical charges that the democratically elected party, the third biggest party in Greece, polling at 15%, is a ‘criminal organization.’

The Leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, upon his arrest said "what you are doing is not right. The truth will shine."
The Leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, upon his arrest said “What you are doing is not right. The truth will shine.”

Like with the situation in Syria, the Jews let the problem they had in the rise of the Golden Dawn get much bigger than they had expected that it would, and were then forced to act in an erratic, sloppy manner. Unlike with Syria, where the American people stood up to their insane demands, the Greek government, in the wake of the media barrage against the Golden Dawn following the death of the rapper ‘Killah P,” acquiesced, and committed the bizarre act of arresting elected officials based on weird, unclear charges.

There is simply no way to know where this will go, but it was most assuredly poorly thought through on the part of haughty Jews like Lauder, who are not making a serious attempt to consider the ramifications of such drastic action in the small but fierce nation of Greece. Methinks they are greatly underestimating their opponents.

Ilias Panayiotaros, when arrested, said "Shame on them, the people will lift Golden Dawn higher."
Ilias Panayiotaros, when arrested by the masked servants of the Jewish occupational government, said “Shame on them, the people will lift Golden Dawn higher.”

Kasidiaris had alluded to the possibility of a mass arrest earlier this week. Clearly, it was something that they had seen coming, and something which they have a contingency plan for.

Greece still has a functioning court system, as evidenced by the failure earlier this year to ban the party outright, and it is extremely unlikely that the charges will stick. Though the organization is accused of money laundering, which would be a much easier charge to make stick than some weird thing about being a criminal organization, the party has, no doubt, taken extreme care in keeping their finances squeaky clean.

This could end up being the best thing that could have happened to the party, as it frames them as victims of this oppressive system, which acts without care for the will of the people or basic human rights. We may remember that the imprisonment of that Greatest of Nationalist Leaders, Adolf Hitler, was an integral step in his rise to power, providing him, as it did, with the sympathy of the masses.

We shall see.

What is “Democracy”?

Jew Ronald Lauder believes the purpose of democracy is to protect the Jews.
Jew Ronald Lauder believes the purpose of democracy is to protect the Jews. It seems this is indeed the case.

We are generally led to believe that ‘democracy’ is a system of government, through which the generally vague abstraction of the ‘will of the people’ is manifest. However, in reality, it is often discussed in terms of a value system, with core tenets regarding assumptions about the nature of man which have no relation to the physical process of governance, making it much closer to a religion or philosophical system than a form of government; it is on these terms that it is implemented. If the people decide they do not agree with this value system which democracy is tasked with upholding, the value system itself takes precedent over the material form of ‘democracy,’ with its elections and such.

Discussing his plot to ban the Golden Dawn, Ronald Lauder said:

There can be no legitimate place in the Greek parliament for parties whose public statements and actions are racist or anti-Semitic and who operate in many ways like the Nazis did seventy years ago. If legislation is insufficient to deal with such organizations and individuals, it ought to be strengthened, because the people of Greece deserve to be protected from the forces that seek to destroy liberal democracy and reject even basic civil rights.

What he is describing here is authoritarian action in support of the above mentioned value system; even though the people have chosen to elect these men to serve as their representatives, through the established democratic processes, they must be removed from the government, because they disagree with the established pseudo-religious tenets of ‘democracy,’ which do not allow ‘racism’ – the protection of the cultural and genetic heritage of a nation – or ‘anti-semitism’ – the protection of the nation from the corrosive manipulations of international Jewry.

We see here an unmasking of the true nature of the Jew-devised democratic system, and perhaps we are hereby given a chance to question whether or not it is in our best interests to continue to tolerate such a corrupt and oppressive system, which ultimately exists merely to uphold an oppressive economic and social order dominated by Jews.

Hail Greece.

Hail Golden Dawn.

Hail Victory.