GoFundMe for Father Who Attacked Larry Nassar in Court Only Makes $27,000 in First Day

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2018

You saw the video, right?

Of the white father attacking the filthy paki immigrant scum that molested his daughters? In the court room?

Well, there’s a GoFundMe for him up now.

Fox News:

A distraught father who lunged at disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar in a court proceeding Friday seems to have a lot of support from the public.

As of early Saturday, more than 700 donors had pledged a total of more than $23,000 to help Randall Margraves, whose daughters were among Nassar’s molestation victims.

Co-worker Aaron Pangborn said he set up the GoFundMe page to help Margraves with any potential legal fees resulting from Friday’s courtroom incident, which was captured on video.

Pangborn described the mission as “to help a brother and friend in need.”

“As father of 2 girls, the video made me cry … that you were stopped before you reached him,” supporter Robert Wykoski wrote. “I would do the same.”

Margraves leaped at Nassar on Friday after listening to two of his daughters deliver victim-impact statements, the New York Post reported.

He requested five minutes alone with the “demon,” then used an expeltive to describe Nassar. When the judge said no, he asked for one minute. When she declined again, he ran at Nassar, but court officers tackled him almost immediately and arrested him, the Post reported.

The only thing I am able to think of is how much less money he is getting than the rabid nigger DeAndre Harris got for attacking random WHITE PEOPLE.

You know it was only white people who gave to DeAndre. These charity deals are only for white people.

And white people would rather support an evil nigger who got hit in self-defense than a white man who is going to face charges for attempting to defend the honor of his daughters against a filthy, evil paki molester.

This is what happens when you allow women to guide your society and determine your moral priorities. The “other” always deserves the most care, because it is him we are supposed to be making peace with in order to create a peaceful social order – that is literally how women think.

Because their natural habitat is the home, where it is their role to make peace between Grandpa Jim and Uncle Joe. If you let them out of the house, they then apply that drive to making peace with Tyrone and Habeeb.

In fact, if you framed this story as “white man attacks middle-aged Arab immigrant over relationship he had with underage daughters,” all white women would side with the Arab.