GoDaddy Boots Gab, Threatens to Steal Domain

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 29, 2018


Gab now banned from Medium. They deleted their post saying they would work with law enforcement in the shooter investigation.

This is all too familiar.

The Jewish media did not want my narrative getting out and competing with theirs. The same was true of Alex Jones’ narrative (even though a lot of that narrative is made up, they still don’t want to compete with it). So the Jewish media organized to shut us down.

Torba is offering a competing social media product. And obviously, Silicon Valley isn’t into that. And the Jews just don’t want anyone to be allowed to say anything at all, ever.

We are going into something where the internet will no longer be interactive, and will not allow independent publishing. At least that is what they are trying to force. They are trying to transform this futuristic communications platform into “TV 2.”

Original article follows. 

I was a little bit frustrated when Andrew Torba, owner of Gab, claimed that they were the most censored website in history. Because that obviously is not true. Daily Stormer is the most censored website in history.

But Gab is rapidly catching up.

I have no private line of communication to Torba, but if I did, I would tell him to immediately move it to Google.

Just joking (inside joke, for the fans).

In fact, I don’t know what I would tell him. I am the only other person who has been through the domain grab washer, and we were down for a long time and still don’t have our original domain. So there is not actually any advice on this problem, because there is literally nothing you can do when they take your domain other than get a new one.

If GoDaddy is already coming down on them, then other registrars that ban them can cite Godaddy as precedent. Even registrars which claim to be for free speech, such as Dreamhost and Namecheap, will violate their own Terms of Service and ban them.

So, I doubt Torba is going to be able to figure this out. He had talked after I was banned from registrars of starting his own, but he never did that apparently.

And honestly, in the immediate future, keeping the site up is going to be the least of his problems. The outrage machine is now in 7th gear, and someone is going to have to go down for this. If it turns out that the attack was discussed in a private chat room on Gab – and I certainly expect that that is the case – then he’s going to be very busy with a lot of other stuff.

Remember, I was just randomly grabbed in the aftermath of Charlottesville, after I made what was considered to be a distasteful joke which the entire Jewish establishment said simply could not stand in light of the car accident of hate that had just taken place. And all hell came down on us.

Gab is in a much more serious situation.

He’s already got Howard Dean screaming at him.

Even worse – the talkshow host Montel.

And as they say, “nobody can’t tell Montel.”

Ultimately, Torba can’t be charged with anything in relation to this (assuming he doesn’t talk to the feds without lawyers), but they can sure as hell waste a whole lot of his time.

In light of all of this, it is probably the end of Gab. That is certainly sad. It’s another major blow for free speech.

Torba is asking the President to intercede, which obviously isn’t going to happen. “Trump defends neo-Nazi terrorist anti-Semitic home base website where killer of 11 Holocaust survivors organized his plot” is not a headline he wants. But he should be appealing to Tucker Carlson. Torba has been on there before, and Tucker defended me a lot when I was shut down. That will at least get eyeballs on things and help with the push for legalization of free speech in America.

Ann is defending them.

I guess the upshot here is that Robert Bowers was able to totally shut down the Jewish agenda and destroy multiculturalism in America forever by taking down those 11 random Jew senior citizens. The only cost was not ever being able to criticize Jews on the internet again.