GM Sends More Jobs Packing to South Korea, Paves the Way for Communist Uprising!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2019

Contrary to popular misconception, working at a factory in the 21st century isn’t a bad gig. Pay is good and there are also benefits and legal protections for workers.

But even under the MAGA administration, nothing was done to save these jobs and stop GM from abandoning America – despite the company being bailed out multiple times by the taxpayer and therefore indebted to the American people.

Stories like this add to the growing mountain of evidence proving that we have to embrace Tactical Communism to survive.


General Motors (GM) executives announced this week that two of their vehicles will be produced in South Korea as American workers in Lordstown, Ohio are left jobless after their GM plant closure and other Americans’ jobs at the corporation hang in the balance.

At the end of last year, GM CEO Mary Barra announced that the corporation would soon lay off 14,700 workers in the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, the corporation’s production in China and Mexico have remained unaffected, much like Barra’s continued annual salary of $22 million.

While the Lordstown, Ohio Assembly Plant has already been idled by GM, also slated to close this year are GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck and Warren Transmission plants in Michigan and the Baltimore Operations plant in Maryland.

Closing the Lordstown plant resulted in the immediate layoff of about 1,600 American workers, and since 2017, GM has laid off about 4,500 American workers in Ohio. The GM plant closure is also expected to leave more than 8,000 American workers jobless in Lordstown and the surrounding area, as well as cut out about $8 billion in economic activity in the area. Already, more than 900 workers in supporting industries have been put out of work.

You could make the argument that these factory jobs are all going to be replaced by robots eventually, and you’d be right – but that’s beside the point in this case. Mass robotization will only happen when Third World labor becomes dramatically more expensive. In the interim, these factories just move to places like Asia or Mexico – or they just bring Mexicans to the factory and achieve the same thing with the added bonus of undermining the ability to collectively organize among the host population.

Technological innovation has been moving forward at a snail’s pace ever since corporations realized that they can just bribe the government to let them move to the Third World. In contrast, labor shortages in places like Japan and a strong national government that doesn’t believe in the “free market” have led to an interest in robots to fill the labor void.

The decision tree is quite simple:

High labor costs ====> Corporations looking for ways to lower the cost of labor

At this point, things fork out in two possible directions:

Option 1: Corporations bring in foreign labor or move to where there is foreign labor

Option 2: Corporations invest in work-saving tech

With Option 1 very much in play, the only wide-scale automation that we have to look forward to in the next 15 years are self-driving cars, unfortunately. I say this as someone who looks forward to the Neo-Luddite wars as much as anybody. When huge swathes of the civilized world are put out of work, they’ll be forced to rebel against the machines and their corporate overlords. It’s great content for any aspiring Sci-Fi author, to say the least.

But, in the meantime, we have to contend with reality. Hordes of brown people are going to continue being brought into our country just as record numbers of labor-intensive jobs are going to continue being sent overseas. What are all of these people even going to do at this point? There aren’t enough lawns for them to mow and once the Boomers are gone, believe it or not, there are only so many tacos and shawarma that the average American can shove down his craw.

Wages will continue to fall across the board as cheap immigrants completely take over traditionally middle class and upper-middle class jobs as well. Soon, finding a White doctor will be just as rare as finding a White guy on a road construction crew.

Whatever this system that we have is called, it is simply not working. 

All my life (and no doubt all of yours), I’ve been taught about the magic of laissez-faire capitalism to solve any and all problems that humanity might face. I’ve never seen it actually solve anything and if you pressed me now, I could not tell you even one thing that the free market has fixed. In fact, everything has gotten more and more hellish and dystopian as the government has gotten more and more ineffective and the new tech giants have started to throw their weight around and call the shots.

On a fundamental level, capitalism is predicated on never-ending growth, the relentless drive to crush wages, eliminating any and all barriers to the free flow of goods and capital, and creating new legions of schizophrenic consumers with artificially-stimulated needs that only corporations can satisfy.

The Leftists seem aware of these trends and are gleefully rubbing their hands as they see these corporations forge bravely ahead, blindly creating the conditions for mass unrest.

Look at what they have already accomplished:

  • Huge swathes of people have been put out of work
  • They have imported hostile new tribes who won’t work and who won’t obey the law
  • Any healthy identity among the natives has been destroyed, creating a nation of schizophrenics
  • They’ve given people access to psychotic drugs that make them capable of committing acts of mass violence from time to time
  • They sponsored and ensured the rise of extremist leftist groups because they wanted to crush any resistance from the right

But the Right won’t be mobilized any time soon, unfortunately. If the Left are drug-addled rebels without a cause, most right-wingers are complete and utterly hopeless sycophants to authority, any authority, no matter how bad, to a fault.


Here we are.

Idk about you, but my money is now on anybody that is going to do what it takes to absolutely wreck this system at this point.

Seeing as we have been shut down by corporations, set upon by the state, and rejected by normiecon America, we have no choice but to let the Left do all the heavy lifting against the system for now.

That’s just how the situation stands, frens and comrades. I’ll be going full Crypto-Commie from here on out.

That’s me on the left, beating up the nigger. 

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