GLORIOUS VICTORY: Snapchat Stock Plummets After NYC Labeled “Jewtropolis” on Maps

Daily Stormer
August 31, 2018

Q3 2018 has shown fantastic output from neon-nazi hackers. Municipal governments in their entirety are getting hacked. Kike checkmarks are getting their accounts jacked. And now hundreds of sites, several of them very high profile, have all been hacked in a single stroke to display the haven of kike criminality, Jew York City, under its rightful name “Jewtropolis.”

The Register:

Mapping service Mapbox says that a breakdown in its filtering process was responsible for an incident that briefly saw the company’s map of New York City renamed to ‘Jewtropolis’ by vandals.

The mapping site issued a statement Thursday morning to address the defacement of the maps it provides to many sites and apps, including SnapChat and Zillow.

“We build systems so this does not happen,” the company said of the thing that just happened.

“Our maps are made from over 130 different sets of data, and we have a strong double validation monitoring system. Our preliminary root cause analysis shows that this act of hate speech was properly detected immediately and put into quarantine for human review.”

While Mapbox says it is working to track down the culprit, the belief is that someone made an edit to the OpenStreetMap data that MapBox uses for its street maps. Apparently that edit was then picked up by MapBox and fed to the likes of Snap and Zillow.

So here’s really what happened here. A bunch of filthy Jews from like Randy Glein from DFJ Growth Management, LLC and Ira Ehrenpreis from DBL Partners decided to make millions of dollars selling private map data by just repackaging good-faith contributions from OpenStreetMaps data. They never did anything to give back to the OSM community. These fucking Jews made millions of dollars off of the work of others and then did absolutely nothing at all to give back to the people that actually did the work. You can say it’s open source and they don’t have to, but it’s an obvious moral wrong and you’re obviously a filthy, stinking kike thief that deserves nothing but suffering and pain and destruction.

Of course, anyone who was prepping to do this and took a leveraged put option position against Snapchat this week would have seen over a hundred percent return on investment on the suffering of Jews. A 3% drop in a share value on a leveraged put position can generally yield about an 80% return, so whoever is responsible for this is probably sitting on a good 140% on their position or more, depending on when they took it last week.

Seriously, stellar work here guys. Props.

The word sabotage comes from France, where poor workers couldn’t afford leather shoes, so they would walk around in these clogs made of solid wood called sabot. After the industrial revolution margins began to drastically climb in production but all of it went to Jewish bankers. French workers eventually got rightfully mad that Jews were making more profit than ever and paying them less than ever before and they came up with an innovative way of reducing the margins on industrialization: they would take off their miserable wooden shoes which they were forced to wear because their Jew bosses couldn’t even give them enough money to buy some leather scraps, and they would toss them into the machines and walk out, forcing production disruptions.

Anti-Semitism is the sabot of the modern era, tossed into the bowels of software to let these fucking Jews know that the hackers of the world have put them on notice.

We live in an extremely interconnected society, and software and information is the key to liberating ourselves from Jewish control. There have been plenty of attempts to destroy the Jews throughout history, but none of them have been enabled by modern tools. Every once in a while I’ll be in an Internet argument with a Jew and they’ll pull up the “well, I’m not personally wealthy or powerful, why am I to be punished for the things that Jewish elites do?” And the short answer that I give them on that is that they’re part of a criminal conspiracy. Judaism actively encourages the total destruction of goyim nations. Deuteronomy 7:16 states: “What shall you do with the nations that come under thy control? Thou shalt completely consume them, thine eye shall have no pity.” And Deuteronomy 6:10-11 explicitly states the motive they have in doing this: to steal the goy’s stuff: “to give thee great and goodly cities, which thou buildedst not, And houses full of all good things, which thou filledst not, and wells digged, which thou diggedst not, vineyards and olive trees, which thou plantedst not.

But the other side is that there is a tendency of systems of justice to focus on the parties most culpable of wrongdoing. While previous pogroms against Jewry have targeted all Jewry, there are a whole lot of Jews on the earth and unfortunately nobody has ever succeeded in bringing them all to justice, though the Khmelnytsky Uprising certainly did a real good job of getting some of the worst ones, as those mad Cossacks specifically moved to liquidate landlords. But it would be quite a task to hunt down every Jew in the world. Sure, all Jews to a degree are culpable but do you really have the resources necessary to see them all shoved into the prisons that they deserve? It is unlikely that you will within our lifetimes. So if you were out to punish the Jews for their wickedness, a question you might want to ask is which Jews, specifically, are capturing the most profit from Jewish perfidy?

Luckily, the Jews can give us the answer with their own words.

Jews have an aristocracy. An aristocracy, however, without castles, but with titles, privileges, duties and restrictions. Unlike most aristocracies, the Jewish aristocracy does not use formal salutations such as “Your Grace” or “My Lord.” For Jews, these aristocrats are the kohanim, the priests who once served in the Temple of Jerusalem. A kohen (singular form of kohanim) is just like any baron, marquis or duke

You see, Jews have a special class of leaders that all of their wealth flows upward to. That class is genetically distinct from Jewry in general, and can be identified by the Cohen Modal Haplotype. While we might have trouble bringing every single Jew on earth to justice, there are a lot less kohanim specifically than Jews as a whole. Kohanim are less than 2% of all Jews, and it would for the first time gravely wound the power structure of global Jewish criminality to excise this specific caste. All previous attempts to attack the Jews focused on all of the Jews, which actually provided the Jewish race with positive evolutionary feedback. The Jews least likely to be destroyed in a pogrom are the ones who have taken all the goy wealth and run off with it to another country before things go South. Those Jews are always the kohanim– they leave the countries they collapse first with all the stolen gold. Specifically going to hunt down and punish the kohanim would be the most effective attack upon the Jews in history. It is the key to destroying international Jewish power.

No act of justice against the Jews has ever specifically went to punish the kohanim before. The aforementioned Khmelnytsky riots killed more kohanim than any pogrom ever, because they came unexpectedly without warning and specifically went for the the rich landlords. It’s been centuries, by the way, and the Jews still curse Khmelnytsky in their prayers today for ruining their chance at a new Khazaria in Eastern Europe.

Between 1648 and 1656, tens of thousands of Jews—given the lack of reliable data, it is impossible to establish more accurate figures—were killed by the rebels, and to this day the Khmelnytskyi uprising is considered by Jews to be one of the most traumatic events in their history.

And they got statues to this hero. He’s the only pro-Russian figure mainstream Ukrainians like, because they really thought it was great how he had all those (((landlords))) massacred.

If you are going to do something about the Jews, you are going to have to do something about the kohanim. To do that, you’re going to need data science. These people have to be identified, catalogued, and tracked. We need a database locating kohen families, and keeping track of where their children go. If a single nation flips and joins the struggle, we will need to be able to give them the data necessary to bring the worst Jews of the world to justice.