Glorious Leader Responds to Stupid Russia Hacking Hoax!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2016

The Leader was on Fox News Sunday today, and responded to the stupid CIA/Clinton/Obama/Jew media hacking hoax against him and the Russians.

The comments are at the beginning, then some more later. The whole thing is worth watching.

He has a good grasp of hacking. Probably not because he actually knows a lot about it, but because he found a very competent person to explain the basics of it to him. He understands that it is impossible to attribute a hack. It would be nice to have a comment on “phishing” – because I think most people are aware of this phenomenon, and understand that anyone can send one of these emails. You don’t have to be the Russian government.

Trump also addressed the stupid Jew global warming hoax.