The Right Stuff
April 5, 2016

“Economic globalism has nothing to do with Jews or open borders or cultural Marxist subversion.”

This insane falsehood is made by corporate conservatives and libertarians who call themselves “racialists.” I often see it coupled with the argument that “It’s not big business’s fault the government puts a gun to their head!”

Let’s put aside the latter claim given that even if it were true, that’s basically saying “it’s okay; they aren’t destroying our civilization out of hate or ideology but out of unprincipled greed!” as if that’s any excuse for their treason.

Both of these claims are without any merit.


The various agencies and organizations that make up the globalist system, responsible for the administration and implementation of ZOGs agenda, are focused on all areas of social life, not just culture.

They are all very open that a primary goal of economic globalism is to foster a one-world vision that transcends concepts of ethnicity, nationhood, etc. This is justified not entirely but in large part by reference to the Holocaust, Yugoslav breakup, and the like, which they term as the inevitable product of the so-called irrational xenophobia driving Nationalist and tribalist worldviews.

There is also the fact that prosperity makes this easier for them, in the context of economic globalism, by uprooting peoples and deracinating them, by forcing them to rely on the globalist system because they can no longer produce essentials for their lives locally, with food and resources being imported, traveling through a long, complex supply chain that instability can shatter, leaving people helpless and with no one else to turn to but ZOG.

This dependence leads to a coöpted local elite who are easily managed by ZOG with carrot and stick, as well as a people who become soft and decadent thanks to a prosperity that does not provide security and an itinerant life characterized by economic competition as the central factor in social life.

This globalism has also led to a homogenized culture through the standardization of entertainment and the tendency for monopolies and oligopolies to develop and inundate the whole world with minute variations on the same products.

The racial/cultural globalism and the economic globalism depend on each other and reinforce each other through a feedback loop.


Again, the UN/IMF/EU/NAFTA/etc are all very open that they want to break down barriers around the world to 1) foster multiculturalism and diversity and 2)increase their access to markets, resources, and the like which, as indicated above, are needed to keep the gigantic global supply chain running on a daily basis. Wars are only fought to ensure the stability of this system and the subjugation of uncoöperative vassals or nations whose independence risks exposing their whole game.

Everything being done is being done by the same actors, as part of a singular agenda. A Western world with no productive sector in their economy, who rely on others for their base necessities such as food, fuel and power, and who have been softened such that if these things are taken they will be unable to survive, ensures slavery forever. And don’t think that an eternal service economy is possible forever. Its not possible to take over the whole global system and reform it so that there is not immigration or cultural Marxism, and if it were, that would entail dismantling most of the economic system, because relying on the Third World for production when it is no longer subject to ZOG (which taking the system would entail) is not possible, nor desirable for any realistic, long-term viable solution.

What neoliberals and libertarians advocate, a globalist capitalism where the Third World does all the labor and Whites push buttons and make spreadsheets, while continuing to import everything from abroad, is just a dystopian hellhole. They just want more of what we have, but with some slight variations.

We need to scale down drastically, get off the addiction to pointless ubiquitous consumption, which soft little manlets fear (no microwavable tendies ;; no chinese cartoons ;; no superfluous leisure time for me to squander fruitlessly)—which doesn’t mean rejecting all technology or its benefits, but choosing what is important and what is not, what can make the Nation healthier in Body and efficient in function, though NOT efficient in just economic terms for their own sake, to the benefit of a rootless class of nationless cosmopolitans.


Likewise, the idea that economic globalism has nothing to do with the will of corporations but only governmental and supergovernmental bodies is total nonsense.

Go to the slick website of any bank or equity firm, any major conglomerate in the sectors most relevant to the maintanence and upkeep of the above-described system, especially media: they all pledge their commitment to globalism and multiculturalism and breaking down barriers and a one world community, etc, etc.

And it’s nonsense that these are enslaved unwillingly by evil governments. The major politicians and their parties are all bought—see Hillary Clinton among basically all others receiving huge bribes from Goldman Sachs and other powerful institutes; see Ted Cruz’s wife working for Sachs, trying to figure out a way to abolish national borders; see who funds all political campaigns—not just but primarily Jews (in importance of influence and number of dollars): Adelson, Millikin, Singer, Soros, and too many others to list here.

Goldman Sachs is part of a fairly small group of financial and capital firms who together own all the shares in literally everything—every business and corporation of any note at all. They also all own shares in each other.

Their employees—former board members, executives, heads of departments, etc.—cycle among the different firms—Morgan Stanley to Blackstone Group to Goldman Sachs to Lazar to the NYSE, etc., etc. down through the economic chain.

They go on to work for the big media corporations, for manufacturing and agricultural and petro businesses—GM, Monsanto, Shell, etc., they are all owned by and full of the same (((financial firms’))) people.

They also rotate between these firms and the regulatory agencies responsible for overseeing them. They go on to work for UN agencies, for the IMF and World Court. They sit on the Council of Foreign Relations and attend Bilderberg Conferences. They are made chairs and department heads at all the most prestigious educational institutes, whose economic and legal wings’ sole purpose is churning out more functionaries and apparatchiks to fill positions in this same system. Anyone who attacks universities for their degenerate SJW crit-theory humanities monsters—who, don’t get me wrong, perform a needed function for the ZOG system, the wrecking of the culture at the grassroots level—while exonerating business and law has their priorities flipped.


The same fairly small group of (((capital firms))) are the dominant shareholders, collectively, in literally everything, including each other. Their functionaries go on to take roles in institutions at every level of the system—corporate, media, government, NGO, think tank, higher education, law and judiciary, etc., etc.—where they pass laws and policies, propagandize, and educate all in the systems interests.

To claim that the processes of this system can be cherry-picked for blame and others preserved or ignored is totally false, and those who make the claims have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of who has power, how that power is utilized, for what purposes and with what results.

Without internalizing an understanding of all of the above, one will never reach the necessary conclusions but will remain stuck forever. And to understand all of the above necessarily results in a revolutionary attitude, if one sincerely wants an end to the ongoing destruction of civilization. All else is to concede defeat and assent to slavery and extinction.