Globalists Tell Indonesia “You Can’t Just Cane Homosexuals” as They Cane Homosexuals

I don’t think he’s really hitting him very hard with that cane.

Certainly not hard enough.


A gay couple were flogged in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province on Thursday, justice officials said, in a public spectacle lambasted by human rights groups.

The two men were whipped nearly 80 times each for having gay sex, which is outlawed in Aceh province under local Islamic law.

The pair, who were not identified, winced in pain and pleaded for the whipping to stop, as a masked sharia officer beat their backs with a rattan stick.

The punishment was briefly halted and the men, both in their twenties, were allowed a drink of water before it continued.

Indonesia remains in the running for “staring contest world champion.”

The Western intelligence groups are sending their people everywhere, and even Russia is facing serious problems.

Poland held out on abortion – for now.

I think the whole of Latin America is going to crack on this whole “women are being killed” hoax.

Indonesia could end up as the last man standing (excluding China, of which it is more or less a client state).