Globalists Attempting to Force Sweden Into Partaking in Coronavirus Hoax

Sweden did not do a lockdown. They did not wear masks. They didn’t do anything at all to “fight” this coronavirus.

They ended up with one of the lowest infection rates in all of Europe, making them an “international outlier.”

They did not destroy their economy, they did not collapse their social order.

This was fully admitted by the mainstream media, though of course they didn’t talk much about it and certainly didn’t say, “every other country could solve this problem using the Swedish model,” even whilst praising it as successful.

From The Guardian, September 16, 2020:

While many European countries are seeing new cases surge to levels not seen since the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sweden – whose light-touch approach has made it an international outlier – has one of the continent’s lowest infection rates.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the Scandinavian country’s 14-day cumulative total of new cases was 22.2 per 100,000 inhabitants on Tuesday, against 279 in Spain, 158.5 in France, 118 in the Czech Republic, 77 in Belgium and 59 in the UK, all of which imposed lockdowns this spring.

Twenty-two of the 31 European countries surveyed by the ECDC had higher infection rates. New cases, now reported in Sweden only from Tuesday to Friday, are running at roughly the rate seen in late-March, while data from the national health agency showed only 1.2% of its 120,000 tests last week came back positive.

This graphic was included in The Guardian article:

Of course, this situation presents an ongoing risk for the globalist coronavirus agenda, because at any point, people could start looking at Sweden, and saying, “hey! Wait a minute here…”

So, there is a continual push to force Sweden into a lockdown, despite the fact that they’ve already solved the supposed problem. Instead of arguing the science, which would obviously be impossible, they are using weird forms of political pressure.


Sweden should rethink its decision not to recommend the use of face masks to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus amid a second wave of infections, the Royal Academy of Sciences, which awards the Nobel prizes, said on Thursday.

Sweden’s soft-touch pandemic response has focused mostly on voluntary social distancing and the Public Health Agency has cast doubt on the effectiveness of face masks, which are mandatory in many public places in Europe.

However, a report on Thursday by the Royal Academy of Sciences said that face masks could play a role in reducing infection, particularly in enclosed spaces.

“I hope there is now a debate and leaders, irrespective of what the public health authority is saying, will take this to heart,” Staffan Normark, who heads the Academy’s expert group on Covid-19, said.

Few Swedes wear masks in public, while politicians also generally avoid them when making public appearances – a radical gesture in some countries.

More than 6,300 Swedes have died from COVID – a per capita rate several times higher than that of its Nordic neighbours, if somewhat lower than some larger European countries such as Spain

Yes, they are still forced to admit that it is a lower death toll than other countries. Not just Spain of course, but it’s lower than Britain and France (see the above graph), which have both done completely lunatic, society-destroying lockdowns.

Comparing it to Norway or Finland is obviously not fair, as both of those countries have a much larger rural population, and even their urban areas are much less crowded than Sweden’s.

Of course Sweden’s numbers of infections are going to go up, because we’re entering flu season. The idea that they would see any significant increase over the last flu season, however, is absurd. There is just no possible way they could ever reach the numbers of the countries that are doing the big lockdowns.

Sweden has already reached a degree of herd immunity, which is preventing any serious spread of the virus. Nations that did lockdowns purposefully avoided herd immunity, so they could keep this scam going and going.