Globalist Jews: The Most Polluted Countries are Contributing the Least to “Climate Change” (Formerly “Global Warming”)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2018

Here’s a riddle for you.

The global “CO2 map” does not overlap with the global air pollution map.

Here is the CO2 map:

Here is the air pollution map:

These aren’t fully inverted, but they’re close enough. The only place they overlap is in China and India, because those are the two poor countries that are industrializing. The rest of the world is either poor or industrialized.

Industrialized nations produce clean air, but their industry produces CO2. This is because these countries developed without thinking of CO2 as bad. They knew air pollution was bad, because it made them cough and spit and have weird sticky boogers.

CO2 is ostensibly secretly bad, because it magically changes the weather somehow. It is otherwise unrelated to ecology or pollution. It was never before presented as a pollutant before the global warming hoax. In fact, it was considered good, because it is the gas that plants breathe.

The high priests of global warming hysteria have taken note of the fact that the third world does not produce as much CO2 and offered that breeding should be restricted in white countries.

This is even while it’s an actual scientific fact (as opposed to baseless assertion labeled a “theory”) that pollution and other real life environmental abuse in a single place on the globe has an effect on the entire global ecosystem in the larger scheme of things.

Just for reference, here is the global water pollution map:

And the deforestation map:

So all of the standard ecological problems have already been solved by the first world, more or less. Certainly America and France have solved these issues.

Introducing “climate change” (formerly known as “global warming”) into the discussion is a way to emotionally blackmail white people, who do care about the environment and are the only people who actually care about the environment.

“You’re destroying the environment” is no different than “you’re gassing children” – it’s a Jew trick to manipulate people into doing what Jews want them to do.