Global Warmists on Private Jets: Heating This Bitch Out to Talk About How This Bitch be Too Hot?

I’m well aware that it’s boomer-tier to talk about the private jets of the global warming people.

But it’s still true.


The bigwigs heading to Scotland for the COP26 climate summit – where they ostensibly aim to help save the planet from greenhouse gases – will generate outsized emissions themselves by employing private jets for the trip.

More than 400 private jets carrying politicians and business executives to this week’s conference will belch out 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide, exceeding the emissions of 1,600 average Scots for a full year, according to an estimate by the UK’s Sunday Mail.

“Private jets are very prestigious, but it is difficult to avoid the hypocrisy of using one while claiming to be fighting climate change,” environmental activist Matt Finch told the newspaper.

Heads of states and other leaders from across the globe will be among the private jet-setters – from Japan to India to Israel to even the UK itself. US President Joe Biden is reportedly scheduled to arrive on Air Force One on Monday.

That trip will follow the American president’s flight from Washington to Rome for this weekend’s G20 summit, where leaders pledged “meaningful and effective” climate action but offered few specifics on how they will keep temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

It’s not clear whether Biden will again deploy a massive motorcade, such as the 85-car parade of gas-guzzling vehicles that chaperoned his visit to the Vatican on Friday to meet with Pope Francis. Biden is expected to tout more than $500 billion in proposed US spending on environmental programs when he gets to Glasgow.

Why can’t these people just fly commercial? They claim they need to use all these motorcades and so on because people want to kill them (though even then I don’t think Joe Biden needs 85 cars).

Firstly, you might ask why they just assume so many people want to kill them. Popular leaders generally are not worried about that.

But even considering the fact that they constantly believe people are trying to assassinate them – no one is going to shoot them on a plane! You can’t bring guns on a plane!

There is zero reason for the private jet thing, other than pure decadence. Even aside from the global warming gibberish – a private jet is just expensive and unnecessary. Flying in a private jet to Europe for a meeting when you’re not even in a rush is like having a toilet made of gold or an alligator skin suit – except the latter two are stylish and therefore potentially justifiable on artistic grounds.