Global Warming is a Hoax and a Doomsday Cult and Your Masters Don’t Care About the Environment

The world is allegedly losing 1-2% of its insect population annually, we are now being told.

Shockingly, this is not due to Monsanto terminator seeds and their pesticides and herbicides, water pollution, deforestation, the plastification of the environment and the general destruction of biomes across the planet by an exploding third world population. This insect decline is a result of *checks notes* white people in the first world driving pick-up trucks and eating cheeseburgers.

CBC News:

The world’s vital insect kingdom is undergoing “death by a thousand cuts,” according to the world’s top bug experts.

Climate change, insecticides, herbicides, light pollution, invasive species and changes in agriculture and land use are causing Earth to lose probably 1 per cent to 2 per cent of its insects each year, said University of Connecticut entomologist David Wagner, lead author in a special package of 12 studies in Monday’s Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences written by 56 scientists from around the globe.

The problem, sometimes called the insect apocalypse, is like a jigsaw puzzle. And scientists say they still don’t have all the pieces, so they have trouble grasping its enormity and complexity and getting the world to notice and do something.

To be fair, this newsbit does mention insecticides and herbicides. Though it doesn’t mention “Monsanto,” because obviously, that would be anti-Semitic – just like it’s anti-Semitic to mention “the Sackler family” when talking about the opioid epidemic.

The fact that Wikipedia describes the Monsanto family as “a historical Sephardic Jewish merchant, banking and slave plantation owning family” is totally irrelevant to the behavior of this company. It’s actually just a coincidence that they’re Jewish, actually, and it, actually, doesn’t matter anyway because race doesn’t exist and Jews are just the same as everyone else anyway, actually.

The point is: even though articles are mentioning problems that actually exist when talking about the insect decline, the lede is always going to be “global warming.” That is because global warming is the only possible cause of some potential ecological catastrophe that has a potential solution that the media and the Jews that run it like.

The solutions to global warming being offered:

  • Middle class white people pay higher taxes
  • A global government is formed for middle class white people to pay taxes to
  • Middle class white people have to stop having children
  • Middle class white people have to move into tiny apartments in high-rise buildings in crowded urban mega city hives
  • Middle class white people have to start eating bugs

The solutions to the real problems causing ecological damage are not appealing to the global elite:

  • Monsanto, a group of Jewish chemical seed merchants, should be brought before an international tribunal and tried for an entire list of egregious crimes committed in virtually every country on earth
  • Third world populations (particularly in Africa and the Indian subcontinent) should be drastically reduced, probably through a large international program of voluntary, paid sterilization
  • Global corporations should be forced to spend hundreds of billions of dollars figuring out some kind of way to reduce the output of plastic

Let me be clear: there are real ecological problems. I don’t know if 1-2% of the insect population is dying every year, that seems alarmist and kind of nutty, but it is actually possible – because of the reasons that I’ve already listed.

Monsanto is going nuts, the third world is going nuts, corporations just keep on pumping out plastic – this is all very bad from an ecological perspective, and it’s something someone probably should care about.

But the ruling elite don’t care about it. They will sidestep all of that, and start talking about how carbon dioxide is a warming gas (which isn’t proven or even indicated) and how this is going to cause the world temperature to rise by 3 degrees Celsius (that isn’t actually happening), and that this would be really bad for some reason (the reason it would be bad is confusing and unclear, as it would actually create an expanded growing area in places that are currently barren and wouldn’t really do much to increase desertification, something that can be easily offset anyway).

It’s all just a complete hoax, that has no basis at all in reality.

Because here’s the real kicker: the ruling elite does not care about the environment, at all. They are basically planning for earth to look like Coruscant in Star Wars. That is, for those who don’t know, a planet completely covered in man-made structures.

They have already figured out ways to use technology to grow food without soil, to regulate the temperature, to do everything that they need to do to keep a planet running without relying on any natural ecosystems at all.

They are freezing the sperm and eggs of every species and putting them in vats that they can then use to repopulate species and put them in zoos or create new ecological preserves that are scientifically regulated.

They can destroy forests and replant them if they want forests. All of this technology exists, and it is all written about. Many, many scientific papers have been published about how none of the natural ecological systems should have any affect at all on a future human civilization of the kind they are planning.

All of this global warming gibberish is just a total and complete hoax, used as a way to force the population into accepting widespread social change. It is the exact same thing as the coronavirus hoax. It is a bizarre doomsday cult, sold to a population of peasants that has for millennia had a fixation on doomsdays – and been willing to go along with a lot of really weird shit in order to avoid doomsdays.

You live in a totally manufactured, fake reality, where nothing is true.

Nothing is real. Nothing matters. It’s all just a series of elaborate hoaxes designed to transform human beings into something they were never intended to be – basically, a machine-enhanced slave race, controlled by a central computer system that is in turn controlled by a bunch of Satan-worshiping Jews.

This is what is true:

Jesus saves. 

Focus on that.