Global Warming Hoaxers Deserve to be Gassed

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2018

This is what the Northeastern United States looks like thanks to global warming!

For decades we’ve heard about the perils of global warming. We were told that the planet was transforming into an oven because of fossil fuel emissions and that this would cause the end of humanity. When I was in elementary school, I remember a teacher telling us that the ozone layer would be depleted by the late 1990s. She also said that you would only be able to go to the beach if you wore some type of spacesuit to protect your skin from the sun’s radiation. These were all insane lies.

While I’ve always despised these global warming hoaxers, I’ve only grown to really hate them over the past few weeks. I’m talking about the type of hate that caused Adolf Hitler to stuff 7 million Jews into shower room gas chambers. The type of hate that made Donald Trump President of the United States. I’m talking about real hate here!


Since I returned home from my month long visit of the Daily Stormer’s office in Lagos, Nigeria, the New England area has had one of the most sustained cold periods that I can remember. Temperatures have ranged from around -10 degrees Fahrenheit on the low end to 20 degrees Fahrenheit on the high end. We also just got hit with a bomb cyclone that dumped well over a foot of snow on us. I honestly never even heard of such a thing until it happened the other day.

The cold weather has caused Niagra Falls to completely freeze over.

Mount Washington the highest mountain in New Hampshire recently recorded a temperature of -37 degrees Fahrenheit. Windchill was recorded at -93 degrees.

Due to the extreme weather conditions that occur on Mount Washington, a weather observatory was built on top of the summit. A few days ago, one of the observatory staffers took a kettle of boiling water and exposed it to the elements. The clip illustrates just how cold the weather is up there.

People have been burning so much heating fuel that oil deliveries are back logged several weeks. I’ve actually been forced to fill up my oil tank with diesel fuel to keep the heat going. It’s an unbelievably crazy situation.

Here’s my 15 gallon stockpile of diesel fuel. Not only does diesel fuel make a good heating oil substitute, but it is a necessary component when Holocausting Jews and other undesirables with diesel engine fumes. You may want a stockpile for either purpose!

So where the hell is all that global warming I was promised? I can tolerate cold weather to an extent, but what we are experiencing now is a tad extreme.

I honestly don’t know how anybody can take this global warming nonsense seriously after experiencing these frigid weather conditions. The people who still believe in it are insane cultists. Much of the United States has been turned into a frozen wasteland. If the earth is really getting warmer, it would not be a frozen wasteland. This is just an objective fact. All of these hoaxers deserve to be gassed with a re-purposed diesel powered Soviet submarine engine for misleading the public with their retarded hoax.