Global Warming Hoax to Hit G7 Economies Twice as Hard as Coronavirus Hoax

Your children’s future was utterly meaningless when we were collapsing the global economy, stripping the population of their basic rights, and instilling young people with psychosis – all for the sake of supposedly saving people in their 80s and 90s from dying of the flu. But when it comes to the weather – we have to protect your children from bad weather.

There is no evidence that the weather is getting significantly warmer. In fact, we’ve recently had some of the coldest winters on record.

Even if it was getting warmer, that would be a good thing, as warm weather means better crop yields and general growth.

But we can’t trust the facts. We have to follow science – straight to our absolute doom.

The Guardian:

The economies of rich countries will shrink by twice as much as they did in the Covid-19 crisis if they fail to tackle rising greenhouse gas emissions, according to research.

The G7 countries – the world’s biggest industrialised economies – will lose 8.5% of GDP a year, or nearly $5tn wiped off their economies, within 30 years if temperatures rise by 2.6C, as they are likely to on the basis of government pledges and policies around the world, according to research from Oxfam and the Swiss Re Institute.

The economies of G7 nations contracted by about 4.2% on average in the coronavirus pandemic, and the economic losses from the climate crisis by 2050 would be roughly on the scale of suffering a similar crisis twice every year, according to the research. The UK’s economy would lose 6.5% a year by 2050 on current policies and projections, compared with 2.4% if the goals of the Paris climate agreement are met.

Other nations will be hit much worse, including India, whose economy will shrink by a quarter owing to a 2.6C temperature increase, while Australia will suffer a loss of 12.5% of output, and South Korea will lose nearly a tenth of its economic potential.

The leaders of the G7 countries – the UK, the US, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy – and the EU will meet in Cornwall on Friday to discuss the global economy, Covid-19 vaccines, taxes on business, and the climate crisis.

The modelling by the insurance firm Swiss Re took account of the forecast direct impacts of climate breakdown, including extreme weather such as droughts and floods, as well as the effects on agricultural productivity, health and heat stress.

Jerome Haegeli, group chief economist at Swiss Re, said: “Climate change is the long-term number one risk to the global economy, and staying where we are is not an option – we need more progress by the G7. That means not just obligations on cutting CO2 but helping developing countries too, that’s super-important.”

He said vaccines for Covid-19 were also a key way to help developing countries, as their economies were hit hard by the pandemic and would need help to recover on a green path, rather than through boosting fossil fuels.

This is not based on anything at all. These are just wild statements. They draw up these reports, based on conclusions they’ve already made, knowing that no one has the time to go look at the actual data and parse through all of it to figure out what they are actually saying.

But you can just see on the face of it: warmer weather is better for crops. We know that. Everyone knows that. It creates a longer growing season and thus bigger yields.

Of course, given the current state of technology, our crop yields shouldn’t really be all that tied to the weather. Furthermore, why on earth would bad crop yields – even if you believed in that – result in a 8.5% yearly shrinking of the economy? How much of a modern economy is based on crop yields?

Here’s the facts: the economy in 2020 and 2021 did not shrink “because of the virus.” It shrank because of actions that the government took supposedly in response to the virus. Just so, things that the government does to “fight global warming” are going to result in massive economy damage, which will then be blamed on a weather apocalypse that doesn’t exist.

They are shutting down pipelines, they are shutting down the meat industry, they are shutting down shipping routes, they are breaking down relations with China – all of this stuff is going to affect the global economy, and the weather is not responsible for any of it.

You see that they are saying here exactly what we said they were going to say: the coronavirus hoax was a way to jump start the global warming hoax. The virus hoax was a big splash to get people used to the idea of a constantly shrinking quality of life.

The apocalypse is indeed coming.