Global Warming Hoax Artists Complain About Vegetation in the Himalayas

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2020

Oh, so now plants on a mountain are a threat to the earth.


Vegetation is expanding at high altitudes in the Himalayas, including in the Everest region, new research has shown.

The researchers found plant life in areas where vegetation was not previously known to grow.

A team used satellite data from 1993 to 2018 to measure the extent of plant cover between the tree-line and the snow-line.

The results are published in the journal Global Change Biology.

The study focused on the subnival region – the area between the tree-line (the edge of the habitat at which trees are capable of growing) and the snow line (the boundary between snow-covered land and snow-free land).

Subnival plants are mainly small grasses and shrubs.

“The strongest trend in increased vegetation cover was between 5,000 metres and 5,500 metres altitude,” said Dr Karen Anderson, from Exeter University, lead author of the report.

You know, these people are continually caught lying about the changes in temperature.

Like so far, literally every single prediction the IPCC has made has been wrong.

Not to mention that Al Gore put a documentary out in 2006 saying that cities would be under water within the decade.

That having been said, there is some evidence of warmer weather. There just isn’t any evidence that it is caused by cars or cows farting.

Historically, we had ice ages and then melting periods on earth.

Just 20,000 years ago, the entirety of Northern Europe was covered in permanent blocks of ice called “glaciers.”

The ice age didn’t end until a mere 10,000 years ago.

And if people were driving cars or firing up coal plants 10,000 years ago, we would have evidence of that.

In actual fact, simply having ice on our poles means, according to scientists, that we are “probably” living at the tail end of an ice age now.

Furthermore, climatologists – the same people telling you they know for an absolute fact that if we don’t all start eating bugs and driving Teslas in the next 12 years, we’re all going to burn up – admit to not knowing what causes ice ages.

Museum of Natural History:

It turns out that we are most likely in an “ice age” now. So, in fact, the last ice age hasn’t ended yet!

Scientists call this ice age the Pleistocene Ice Age. It has been going on since about 2.5 million years ago (and some think that it’s actually part of an even longer ice age that started as many as 40 million years ago).

The curious thing about ice ages is that the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere doesn’t stay cold the entire time. Instead, the climate flip-flops between what scientists call “glacial periods” and “interglacial periods.”

Glacial periods last tens of thousands of years. Temperatures are much colder, and ice covers more of the planet.

On the other hand, interglacial periods last only a few thousand years and the climate conditions are similar to those on Earth today. We are in an interglacial period right now. It began at the end of the last glacial period, about 10,000 years ago.

Scientists are still working to understand what causes ice ages. One important factor is the amount of light Earth receives from the Sun.

The theories about the changes in sun intensity are typically related to the earth changing its orbit, but I personally think it is more likely that the sun is an electrical phenomenon than a nuclear one and that it fluctuates in heat intensity due to the amount of energy it is able to pull from the space surrounding it.

But regardless of the cause, everyone agrees we are right now in a short warming period, which will continue to get warmer a while longer. Every other interglacial period has been warmer than our current temperatures (again, according to these same climatologists saying you’re gonna burn up from CO2).

However, it will end soon enough, and the world will go through another ice age.

This would mean that if our goal is the stated goal of Greta Thunberg – to keep the weather permanently exactly as it is right now – then we would be trying to figure out ways to keep it warm instead of ways to cool it down.

I mean, they are talking about how a three degrees Celsius increase in average temperature is going to cause “mass extinction.” What then would a 40 degrees Celsius drop in average temperature cause? And if all climatologists admit that such a thing is inevitable, why is managing the coming ice age not our primary goal?

Shouldn’t we be happy if we’ve figured out a way to warm the planet using cow farts and cars?

Point Being

This entire conversation about “global warming” is completely nonsensical.

It is all a gigantic social engineering program designed to force through a global government program.

It is not a scientific or even remotely serious discussion. It is all just a bunch of hysterical, extremist propaganda.

But if the fact that the spokesperson for this agenda is a hysterical teenage girl with Asperger syndrome doesn’t make this whole thing clear to you, the science probably won’t either.