Global Warming Losing Ground: Worst Snow in Moscow in Decades (Videos)

Moscow has been hit by the worst snowfall since record-keeping started in 1973.

This is clearly the result of those executive orders on climate change that Joe Biden signed – they’re working already!

If we want to see more and more record breaking snow storms, we have to pay even more taxes, and we have to eat bugs and live in pods.

We need this kind of snow everywhere, including in Amarillo, Texas, in order to save the planet.

We’re right on our way to a totally frozen globe.

Joe Biden’s new Paris Tax Accord is going to create a whole new world, where Miami in July looks like Moscow in February.

Biden is planning on turning the Atlantic Ocean into a solid sheet of ice. Somalian refugees fleeing the brutal Syrian Civil War can drive Tesla electric trucks across the ocean to Minnesota, where they will finally have safety.

Everyone is going to be completely frozen out.

I support it personally, because the cold never bothered me anyway.

The rest of you just need to let it go.

This is what the planet wants. It’s science.